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Russian Hackers Stealing Money American Citizen, Around U$3,2 Million

Russian Hackers Stealing Money American Citizen, Around U$3,2 Million 4

More recently, after a weekend that everyone thinks to get ready back activity, Trend Micro, the security company of mobile and cloud in the world, had just discovered the activities from a gang cyber hackers from Russia by using SpyEye-Zeus Trojan to steal the money from U.S. citizens since January 2011 around U$ 3.2 million or approximately U$ 17,000 per day.

Russian Hackers Stealing Money American Citizen, Around U$3,2 Million 5

During the six periods since January 2011, Trend Micro found that “Soldier” has been infiltrated into various business institutions in America, such as banks, airports, research institutions, and even into the government and the U.S. military.

A total of 25.394 systems have been infected because of the virus along just 19 April and 29 June, 57% of them use Windows XP and 4500 victims infecting Windows 7. The majority of victims are in the U.S., though the victims spread across 90 countries.

Trend Micro also noted that important data steals are most widely taken from Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. But another page where user data are stolen on eBay, Amazon, PayPal, and Skype. SpyEye variants that they used in these operations are detected as TSPY_SPYEYE.EXEI.

Russian Hackers Stealing Money American Citizen, Around U$3,2 Million 6

The virus profile now has been changed dramatically – from a global pandemic to a sophisticated and targeted attack. Recognizing that techniques they used in the past not effective again, cybercriminals are now constantly coming up with new techniques to trick users and infecting. They continue to release new threat variants, improving the threat speed, and using the threat as a random attack, steal data through malware, and botnets.

One of their common practice today is to exploit information taken from social networking sites through the attack on these pages. They make money from here, and take advantage of zero-day vulnerabilities to execute an unknown attack.

This incident was reminiscent of all countries, in order to keep raising awareness that security intelligence in information technology, cloud, and mobile, is very important.

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