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  • what is cache? definition, function, and how to manage

    What is cache data? How does it affect the performance of your Smartphone or laptop? Should this cache be cleared? Such a question sounds simple, but still very few know what the real answer will be. Every smartphone must have a data storage system to make it easier for the processor to work and run various applications. One of them is cached data. Every application installed on an Android smartphone…

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  • why online casino gaming is more appealing to the modern player

    Online casino gaming is already a billion-dollar industry, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, Statista reports that the industry’s market size was at $66.7 billion by the end of 2020, rising to $92.9 billion by 2023. These projections underscore the popularity of online casino gaming, whose appeal to modern players looking to enjoy games like slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack is undeniable. But why exactly are online casino games so appealing?…

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  • telecom system upgrades

    When it is time to replace a business phone system, the first question is what type of phone system is right for your business. Depending on the size of the business, there are several options for telecom system upgrades. In the meantime, a business will want to consider practical means of displacing its used telecom equipment Virtual phone systems These are business systems that route calls to staff’s personal or…

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  • cnwintech natural disasters safeguards tech

    Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, freak accidents – there are a myriad of natural threats to your business assets every day. How can you protect against them? While you may not be able to control the weather, natural disasters don’t have to be a world-ender for your company. Here are the three aspects of your business to protect, and how to safeguard them from irreparable harm in the case of freaky weather.…

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  • cnwintech airfield designs technology

    The layout of an airfield and its runways can seem nonsensical, especially from a ground view, but they’re carefully planned and calculated to accommodate safety, efficiency and growing traffic. Here are different designs you might encounter in your travels and the airports that use them to the greatest advantage. Parallel Runways Wind is a constant factor in airfield design, and parallel runways are laid out so that they align with…

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  • cnwintech data migration experts cloud technology

    Many businesses are already taking advantage of cloud technology to store data and make their operations run more efficiently. However, if you’ve been hesitant to make that move with your own business, chances are you’re delaying out of a concern over facing a troubling transition. You may be faced with moving vast amounts of data and that in itself can seem counterproductive. Fortunately, there are specialized service providers capable of…

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  • cnwintech mail box delivery tech services 2

    Your professional commitments may have you coming and going at a moment’s notice. You may no sooner get back from a business trip when you have to leave for another journey across the country or globe. Your busy travel schedule may leave you with very little time to deal with mail and packages that are delivered to your home or office. Rather than leave them unattended, you can have them…

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  • cnwintech business access technology 2

    One of the best things about all of the new technology that’s out there is that it can bring people into society who otherwise may be left out. This includes people who may suffer from some sort of physical disability, as well as people for whom English is a second language or who may be neurodiverse. Now, harness the power of technology to bring your small business to new customers…

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  • cnwintech library technology future 2

    There is no doubt that technology has changed the world. In many ways, it has helped make life better, although some people may argue it has also caused trouble. Libraries may be in the group who feels technology has its good and bad points because they have seen how great it can be, while also experiencing some blows due to it. The Benefits One of the ways technology has been…

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  • cnwintech shared storage solutions small business 2

    Small businesses are having to become more creative with storing critical company and financial data while protecting that information loss. Whether security breaches or a simple power outage, the search for a single repository that keeps data safe and easily retrievable at the same time ends for many with an investment in shared storage solutions. Limited budgets does not lessen the need for storage and backup capabilities. Even though few…

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