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GIGABYTE GTX 670 Performance Review, Directly With A Powerful OC Version

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 1

GIGABYTE again presents its latest graphics card, the GIGABYTE GTX 670. Unlike the previous series, this time at its launch GIGABYTE presents direct OC version for GTX 670 series.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 3

The sales package when you first opened.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 4

For the cooling system, this time GIGABYTE uses Windforce 3X with Cool Technology Triangle which will perfect to dispose of heat and preventing inter-fan turbulence.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 2

GIGABYTE GTX 670 uses two-part aluminum fins that cover board evenly. Both parts are connected using copper heat-pipes to dissipate heat evenly throughout the aluminum fins surface.

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cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 7
cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 11

By using three pieces of copper heat pipe heat distributed evenly throughout the aluminum fins surface.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 12

On the display Port, there are 2 x DVI-I, 1 x HDMI, and 1 x Display Port that can be used for four monitors at once.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 8

Two SLI Bridge connector on GTX 670 for SLI configurations.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 9

GIGABYTE GTX OC version uses 1 x 6-pin power and 1 x 8-pin power.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 10

In the sales package, in addition to CD driver and manual guide, GIGABYTE GTX 670 just include Molex to 6-pin power and Molex to 8-pin power.

cnwintech gigabyte gtx670 5

GIGABYTE GTX 670 Specifications:

 Chipset: GeForce GTX 670
 Process technology: 28 nm
 Core clock: 980 MHz
 Boost clock: 1058 MHz
 Memory clock: 6008 MHz
 Memory size: 2046 MB
 Memory Bus: 256 bit
 Memory Type: GDDR5
 Interface: PCIe v3.0
 DirectX: 11
 Open GL: 4.2


  1. I’d like to see a poll for this card. I can’t get mine to run (numerous games and benchmarks) longer than 5 mins. without a horrendous crash requiring a hard reboot. Waiting for manufacturer feedback…

  2. Maybe a false contact of the gpu with the cooler, your card would overheat and crash the application. Try to monitor your benchmarks and see in what range of temps your card run.

    1. Good thought. Temps never go above 62. Clock speeds go as high as 1175 MHz, which I don’t think is normal. I think my best bet is a return. Problem is these are no longer in stock, at least for the price I paid.

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