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  • what is cache? definition, function, and how to manage

    What is cache data? How does it affect the performance of your Smartphone or laptop? Should this cache be cleared? Such a question sounds simple, but still very few know what the real answer will be. Every smartphone must have a data storage system to make it easier for the processor to work and run various applications. One of them is cached data. Every application installed on an Android smartphone…

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  • cnwintech cell phone accessories iphone 2

    Billions of people around the world depend on their cell phone every day to communicate, run apps and do many different tasks. In fact, many people have become so dependent on their cell phones that they would no longer be able to function without them. Therefore, it is very important for these people to have a place to buy replacement parts for their cell phones if they should start to…

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  • cnwintech wifi vs ethernet 2015 2

    Ethernet, the wired networking technology that originated at Xerox PARC more than 40 years ago, has always been remarkably solid. Much as Wi-Fi has ruled wireless networking since its inception in 1997, Ethernet has always stayed the course, adopting and refining new technologies as required, but never diverging from the path. After all, that is Ethernet’s strength: Without standardization, the world (or at least the world’s networks) would fall apart.…

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  • cnwintech consumer 2 0 lifestyle carrying unique devices 2

    Computing technology are currently undergoing evolution. Competition were no longer about the speed. Consumers also have a new benchmark and very different. They transformed into a new consumers generation that I described as Consumer 2.0. What are the characteristic of the consumer 2.0? The main characteristic of Consumers 2.0 are their computing devices that more personal. The concept of sharing one computer at their home already left off. Each family…

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  • cnwintech asus padfone 2 docking 2

    Price: $ 870 Pros: - Two function at once, it could be a smartphone and tablet - Light weight and sophisticated specification for convenience Cons: - The screen resolution when into a tablet has not Full HD Highlights: There is rarely smartphone that can be transformed into a tablet. If you want a smartphones and tablets with high performance but are relatively in reasonable price, this product is worth to…

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  • wowzalogo 2

    Cloud computing which has been implemented in wide-range strategic IT industry is now able to transform existing business models, especially in the online data storage and media streaming. As a leading IT services company focus on media server software, Wowza presents by bringing cloud services features that are safe and secure, fast, and reliable on their Media Server products that have become one of the leading products for companies which…

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  • dell xps 14z review performance

    The Dell XPS 14z Review. If a lot of people believe laptop 13″ more attractive and mobile, Dell products this time will change that opinion. When a notebook with a 13″ screen emerged, many consumers are happy with size and computer weights that are lighter than 14″ models. Although it maybe differs only 1″, the effect really not bad. Rather than just presenting ordinary laptop size 13.3″, Dell offers a…

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  • cnwintech rpet casing iphone case mate

    Case-Mate as one of the mobile device casing this time brings its newest product line for smartphones iPhone 4 and iPhones 4S with the recycled plastic base material. With the theme “One Bottle One Casing”, Case-Mate brings rPET Casing 100% recycled. RPET is Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate that using plastic material that can be recycled again, the manufacturing process that separates label and bottle caps from plastic bottles, and then turn…

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  • cnwintech kaspersky lab logo

    Many selection programs for Android can outwit the protection of consumers. However, recent testing shows that the solution from Kaspersky Lab is the ultimate. Recent independent studies of choose Kaspersky Mobile Security as one of the two products (from 41 samples), which successfully handles all the malicious programs. Other products fail to provide protection, even the most basic protection, against malicious programs that target mobile devices. Overall, testing by…

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  • cnwintech apple the new ipad 2012

    Apple today announced the “The New iPad” with 9.7-inch screen size, not much different from the shape and size of the previous version, iPad 2, which comes with white and black color options for both versions of Wi-Fi or 4G LTE. However, various improvements made??, especially in sectors that provide a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536, which will surely bring a new generation in the world of photography (8/3).…

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