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Consumer 2.0 – The Lifestyle of Carrying Branded Devices

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Computing technology are currently undergoing evolution. Competition were no longer about the speed. Consumers also have a new benchmark and very different. They transformed into a new consumers generation that I described as Consumer 2.0. What are the characteristic of the consumer 2.0?

The main characteristic of Consumers 2.0 are their computing devices that more personal. The concept of sharing one computer at their home already left off. Each family member has a computing device transforming into a private area for each individual. What they write, read, photos, and record, even their interaction in social media absolutely in very private area, so it is not easy to share with other family members. This occurs with smartphones. Everyone has a smartphone which is currently the trend were shifted to tablets and computers.

Laptop increasingly personal

When the computer becomes very personal, then there is an unwritten requirement that must be fulfilled of these devices. First, the computer must support mobility making it convenient to carry. This refers to the weight and battery life. So no wonder the computer advertisements are now prioritizing the weight and battery life as selling point. I was amazed to see the laptop weighs less than 1 kg that can be operated up to 15 hours while attending the launch of Sony’s latest Vaio exhibition. The evolution of computers to compete on the weight and battery life really begins.

What happens if a laptop become increasingly lighter and the longer battery life (even longer than the average tablet)? Consumers will be faced with dilemmatic option. For those who use three devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers), it will choose a laptop which more comfortable to carry and used to support high mobility. However, for those who use two devices (smartphones and tablets or computers), they are faced with a difficult choice, between a tablet or computer.

In recent years, users tend to choose a tablet as a device that supports mobility. However, very soon, when the laptop is already weighing less than 1 kg, can be on in just 2-3 seconds, and tablet with longer battery life, then the consumer actually faced with a very seductive option to get the tablet advantages and computers in a single device.

Concerned with lifestyle

Consumer 2.0 is also a smart consumers in selecting. They are more educated in selecting devices that they would purchase. They just click the “Search” to get the specs, benchmarks, until references. Forums are also used to verify the devices that will be purchased. Sellers and vendors also provide more comparative content on the Internet and in social media rather than spreading brochures like 10 years ago.

Consumers 2.0 are increasingly aware about backup and cloud. They know that there must be a safe copy of Data recorded on their devices. The most sensible thing is to keep it on the Internet (the cloud). Not surprisingly, applications and services DropBox, Google Drive, and his associates became very popular.

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Finally, Consumers 2.0 are becoming less sensitive to price. They really care about the brand since carrying a branded devices have become a way of life. They want to show the identity that more classy by bringing a premium devices that rarely people have. At the cafe, they want dozens of eyes staring at them while using the computer. This phenomenon does not only occur in youth generation only, but it also become a trend in old generations who want to keep trendy. Whether you belong to one of them?

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