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Web Design

  • the development of a custom web application

    A custom web application is software built for a particular market, audience, or enterprise needs. For example, a document editor that serves a specific audience with better options and features than Google Docs is a web application. These apps differ from off-the-shelf software solutions as they provide a unique solution optimized for your business processes and customers. There are several things to consider after your web app is developed. What…

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  • factors to consider before creating a logo

    8 Factors to Consider Before Creating a Logo. While designing a logo, you should consider its primary and secondary use cases. You can make a mockup and test it in different backgrounds and sizes to ensure it will work in all settings. A logo should be effective in various sizes, mainly on small digital applications. This article will cover essential factors to consider.  Color theory Color theory can be a…

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  • ways to tell if your website is convenient

    4 Ways to Tell If Your Website is Convenient. Most business people set up websites for their brands to ensure they market their products worldwide efficiently. There are almost two billion websites globally, and it can be challenging for your website to stand out. For your site to be among the top, it requires traffic. Sometimes, traffic may not be enough to support the clients. A good website should thrive…

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  • advantages of saas websites in boosting business sales

    4 Advantages of Saas Websites in Boosting Business Sales. When choosing a website for a SaaS product, consider the benefits of the customer experience. While over-showcasing product features can be attractive, they can also turn off potential customers. So instead, create a space where visitors can see themselves using the solution. One way to do this is to display a mirror, preventing bounces and sparking curiosity about the solution. Read…

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  • cnwintech create stickers online new 2

    It is always fun to create your own stickers for personal and business use. You can use the stickers to support a cause or loved one, or you can use the stickers to promote your own business. Websites such as Custom Sticker Makers allow you to create your own stickers in just a few minutes. Use the following instructions to create your own custom stickers. Create Your Design The first…

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  • tips for better web design

    7 Tips for Better Web Design. Web design is the backbone of digital marketing and sales. If yours isn’t good enough, you could be losing customers and profits! Here are just seven tips for improving your style, increasing the functionality of your site, and boosting your web traffic across the board. Tips for Better Web Design 1. Know Your Demographic What does your average customer look like? How old are…

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  • cnwintech web design technology 2

    Customers treat a business website like a second storefront. They expect it to be professional, provide everything they need to know, and make them feel comfortable shopping there. Often businesses treat their website like a quick information dump and do not factor in how much value the customer places on their design. As any website designer will tell you, each part of your website will play an important role in…

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  • cnwintech shopping cart responsive design gadgets 2

    Designing a new website shopping cart is essential when a business wants to perform more efficiently. Every business that wants to hold on to customers must use every tool possible to make the shopping experience more exciting. When customers are using an interactive cart, they are more likely to return to the website over and over to shop. Saving Items When a shopping cart saves items for customers, customers find…

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  • cnwintech artificial intelligence

    Photoshop has a “power” brings very good at providing key combination alias shortcut to operate. The most use shortcut is the keyboard key combination in addition to a number of shortcuts by using the shortcut menu accessed via the right-click button. Why especially with keyboard shortcut keys are considered more help? When working in Photoshop image processing we concentrate utilizing mouse for almost all jobs. For example when we’re editing…

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  • network solutions logo 2

    Currently, developing your business especially in selling stuffs through online (e-commerce solution) is one way to increase profits and sales of your company’s products to valuable customers as well as expanding indefinitely marketing area with little risk and a relatively low costs. Making online store that is safe, reliable, simple, and flexible is not an easy job. For that, online store creation services from Network Solutions comes as a solution…

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