Computer Forensics

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    Forensics has been the forefront of capturing criminals for centuries. However, technology has continued to advance over the years providing more viable methods of proving or disproving evidence. Thanks to the micro developments of the 21st century, forensic science can be improved even further. Using devices such as the electronic microscope can allow professionals to detect some of the smallest anomalies within virtually any material. The Proper Lighting Unlike microscopes…

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    Can not be denied, the number of users online transactions each year continues to increase. Harris Interactive survey conducted in February-March 2012 said there was 57 percent of Internet users who manage bank accounts online and make online shopping. Of these, about 31 percent admitted they store data banking on the hard drive. Therefore not surprising that banking information is very tempting targets for cybercriminals. The target was none other…

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    Trend Micro said the increasing number of fraud approaching the opening of the 2012 Olympics. The annual world sport event party to be held in July, in London it attracted the attention of various circles, not least the perpetrators of cybercrime. They also launched a fraud scheme that the user stuck with how to access the link listed in a billboard on the main screen. Users must have been like…

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