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The Importance of Antivirus in MSP Offerings, 4 Essential Benefits

MSP's can improve the security offerings; these are some benefits of Managed Service Providers you will get.

4 Benefits of Antivirus in MSP Offerings. Businesses are attacked by increasingly sophisticated malware, and cyberattacks can have catastrophic consequences. They can damage reputations, disrupt operations, steal sensitive data, and expose companies to regulatory fines.

MSPs must be able to provide their customers with security that addresses these concerns. And one of the most critical ways to do so is with a managed antivirus solution.

Benefits of Antivirus in MSP Offerings

Protection from Malware

As the threats posed by cybercriminals continue to grow and evolve, MSPs need to align themselves with cybersecurity solutions that deliver defense in depth. This includes antivirus solution software to protect against more general infectious files and specialized ransomware attacks. It also means backing up client data with robust backup solutions that can withstand an attack and recover files even if an MSP gets hit by malware.

The ability to proactively monitor for suspicious activity across a network is critical for MSPs to add to their offering. Some users report that QRadar is expensive and complicated to set up and use, but it can provide valuable insights into customer networks and the threat landscape.

When choosing an MSP with a managed antivirus solution, consider its integration with other leading cybersecurity solutions. For instance, the unified BCDR solution from Unitrends MSP delivers enterprise-class backup and ransomware protection in one platform.

This eliminates the need for MSP technicians to manage multiple solutions and increases productivity by streamlining IT stack complexity. It is also integrated with other leading MSP solutions like firewalls, email, and web proxies, and a full suite of vulnerability assessments and patches. This provides a strong foundation to thwart and mitigate threats so they do not impact businesses, customers, or their reputations.


With a rising tide of cyberattacks targeting small businesses, MSPs must provide comprehensive, reliable, managed antivirus solutions. The best MSP for antivirus is cloud-based to enable remote monitoring and includes features that protect all devices, on or off the network, from malware and phishing threats. The solutions are multi-tenanted to support multiple clients on a single platform and offer a policy-based approach allowing SMBs to customize their protection policies.

MSPs must monitor key performance indicators to maximize their antivirus offerings. These metrics are critical to measuring success and identifying areas with room for improvement.

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MSPs should also measure the churn rate of their client base to understand whether or not they are meeting or exceeding their service-level agreements (SLAs). A high churn rate can be costly, especially for subscription-based services. MSPs should strive to reduce churn rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Another metric to track is the average revenue per client, which indicates how much each client spends with the company. This metric can help MSPs determine the ideal bundle pricing for their services to generate maximum profits.


Whether performing regular system maintenance or investigating the causes of performance issues, MSPs must be able to identify and react to security-relevant events quickly. This is why a comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform paired with an antivirus solution is essential for any MSP.

Many cyberattacks use sophisticated tools to evade detection by traditional antivirus solution programs. MSPs need a modern managed antivirus solution incorporating advanced detection capabilities, including machine learning and behavior analysis, to help them stay one step ahead of the latest malware and other threats.

When viruses are detected, they’re blocked or quarantined before they can spread across a network, impacting clients’ productivity and data. Typically, they’re identified through their digital signature, which is unique to each type of malware.

To keep their systems current and protect their customers from the latest threats, MSPs need a modern cybersecurity solution that can automatically update and deploy updates to their clients’ endpoints. These updates include patching software and adjusting hardware settings to optimize system performance.

MSPs must also be able to deliver automated communication to their clients. This can take the form of satisfaction surveys, follow-up requests for feedback on specific incidents, or newsletters with tips on handling common problems. Automating this process frees up time for MSPs to focus on closing sales, educating their AEs, and building relationships with new and existing customers.


The best MSPs proactively monitor their clients’ IT infrastructure, detect issues, and quickly resolve them. They also offer strategic advice and help clients align technology with business goals. They also help their clients manage IT security, including data protection and backup.

MSPs may use their own native IT services, other providers’ services, or an integrated mix of both. They also deploy specialist software platforms that enable them to manage functions automatically. 

The best MSPs are well-versed in cybersecurity and have the expertise to understand how a company’s unique IT infrastructure works. They can provide expert advice aligning with a client’s IT strategy and ensuring seamless knowledge transfer. They also stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and innovations.

For example, they can advise their clients on how to make the most of new technologies, such as cloud computing. They can also help their clients achieve compliance with standards like ISO 27001, which provides a framework for implementing and managing an information security management system (ISMS). This can help them demonstrate to customers that they have robust security controls.

the importance of antivirus in msp offerings
Antivirus in MSP Offerings

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