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How to Secure Online Transactions? #1 Tips for Securing from Vulnerabilities

Securing from Trojan-Banker.MSIL.MultiPhishing.gen

Tips How to Secure Online Transactions. Can not be denied, that the number of users of online transactions each year continues to increase. Harris Interactive survey conducted in February-March 2012 said there was 57 percent of Internet users who manage bank accounts online and make online shopping. Of these, about 31 percent admitted they store data banking on the hard drive.

Therefore not surprising that banking information is a very tempting target for cybercriminals. The target was no other data such as login passwords, code validation, and confirmation of transactions that they could use to fake themselves as the owner of an electronic account. In addition, e-mail is also often used as one of the simplest ways to get financial information.

An E-mail like this usually contains a message that entices the recipient to provide personal information or visit the official website of a particular bank. Another way is to include a link that directs consumers to third-party sites that contain malicious programs. Cybercriminals can steal information from infected systems, by means similar to theft of information through websites ‘official’ that they make, or make the interception of information typed through a browser. Interception can also be done directly using a keylogger.

One of the trojans that took part in a theft trick is Trojan-Banker.MSIL.MultiPhishing.gen. This Trojan was detected by Kaspersky Lab experts in January 2012 ago. This Trojan is designed to steal credentials from major banks in Europe.

So, although this trojan has entered into a victim’s computer, this trojan will not be activated immediately but waits until the user is logged into one bank’s online services. How it works, the trojan will display a window that mimics the bank authorization form that is accessible, while the original windows from the bank will be closed by this trojan. This Trojan can be detected by antivirus registered in England.

How to Secure Online Transactions

To protect customers from threats that exist when doing online banking, some banks apply for their own protection. For example, multiple authentications require customers to use two passwords. The first and second login to confirm payment or other transactions.

This can be combined with a one-time password system that sent the bank to make cell phone customers every single transaction. Another way is to give a token to its customers to generate passwords on request. In addition, for outside teller transactions, such as online banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, and others, banking uses an SSL secure connection that reduces the risk of Data theft during transmission.

To ensure the security of your banking information – and the system you use – it takes a reliable antivirus solution with reliable Internet security. This solution should be able to protect your computer from malicious software, network attacks, and malware in e-mail traffic using traditional technology and proactive. You also need an antivirus program that can protect you while exploring the virtual world. To overcome the keylogger that can intercept data to type on your keyboard, you can use a virtual keyboard.

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Tips for Securing from Vulnerabilities

Safe Money Kaspersky provides technology designed to protect banks and other financial information during transactions. Some of the protection offered by this solution are:

  • Database address of the bank and trusted e-payment system that can be modified by the consumer;
  • Tools to verify the identity of a server;
  • Tools to scan your computer and look for vulnerabilities that affect the security of online banking;
  • Protection of the browser creates an isolated environment for bank sites, payment systems, and online stores;
  • Features that protect the Secure Keyboard Data entry with the help of a special drive and mouse-driven virtual keyboard.
how to secure online transactions? tips for securing from vulnerabilities
How to Secure Online Transactions? Tips for Securing from Vulnerabilities

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