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Health Tips to Maintain Your Eyes, While all day Working In Front Computer

Work or other daily activities sometimes makes us continue to work at a computer all day long. You may be one of the people with such activity. Know ye not that it could bring harm to our eyes.

Work activities, watching movies, or games often make us forget that our eyes are forced to work excessively in front of computer. Especially when today we are spoiled by the presence of the dimensions notebook thinner and lighter, so working at the computer feels more easily, anywhere and anytime.

Although there is an assumption that this is absolutely not true, but basically force the eyes to work too hard in front of the monitor it can interfere with eye health. You may have experienced difficulty in focusing object of view or the eye muscles relax, which in fact is an indication health of our eyes is being disturbed.

Well, therefore, despite working with a notebook at this time so much fun, you also must remember to always maintain eye health. Let’s consider some of these tips are useful for those who often linger in front of the monitor screen:

  • Keep your distance from monitor. Closer look at monitor too dangerous for our eyes. It helps us give a distance, not too close look at monitor, at least 50-100 cm from eyes.
  • Begin switching to LCD. Monitor tubes (CRT) is considered to have considerable effects of radiation. If you still use a desktop PC CRT, it is better if you start switch to LCD because in addition to using lower power, the LCD monitor is also lower radiation.
  • Adjust the lighting/brightness computers. Change the brightness of your monitor screen to look comfortable on eyes. Some monitors have a pre-set display modes for easy monitor lighting arrangements.
  • Rest your eyes 10-15 minutes. Do not force eyes to always look at monitor for a long time. Rest your eyes, for example, with closed eyelids for a moment or see distant objects for about 10 seconds. You can also utilizing break time with washing your face, or see the sights that eye can relax for a moment.
  • Use Anti Radiation glasses. If you has an excess cost, it is better to buy anti-radiation glasses. Addition you can take them wherever we work, these glasses are also very useful when working in front of your monitor, protect the eyes from light of computer, TV radiation, and so forth.
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