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5 Top Critical Considerations for Installing EV Charging Solutions in Multi-Tenant Properties

Key considerations for developing the EV Charging solutions.

As the EV adoption trend continues, offering onsite charging stations at multifamily residential properties is becoming desirable for many potential tenants. However, implementing these systems comes with several considerations that should be considered. Fortunately, strategic planning and a forward-thinking mindset can help overcome these challenges.


EV charging solutions are an excellent amenity for multifamily properties. In addition to lowering carbon emissions, they enhance air quality and raise condo owners’ property values. However, implementing these solutions requires strategic planning and proactive action. The key considerations include addressing challenges such as limited parking spaces, high installation costs, and complex approval processes. It also involves future-proofing the infrastructure to accommodate technological advancements, leveraging government incentives, and establishing clear communication channels with condominium associations.

To determine the proper charging stations, consider the types of EVs your tenants drive and their driving habits. For example, a Level 3 charger may be better suited if tenants frequently commute long distances. This type of charging station uses direct current (DC) and can charge an EV in 30 minutes, increasing the convenience for your tenants. However, it is expensive to install and maintain and may not pay for itself in the long run, so consider imposing hourly fees or a reservation system to offset these expenses. You can also collaborate with nearby public charging networks to compensate for a lack of onsite options.

Cost of Installing EV Charging Solutions

Many owners and managers of multifamily properties need to be EV charging experts. They need a trusted partner who can provide value-engineered solutions to help them with the hardware and software selections, network integrations, installations, payment schemes, and long-term management and maintenance.

Choosing the best charging level to install on your property will depend on your budget, electrical capacity, and the types of electric vehicle drivers you want to attract. For example, a level 2 charger is more cost-effective than a higher-powered level 3 charge station. Once you install the right EV charging solution, you’ll want to promote it to tenants. It will let them know you’re committed to their convenience, schedules, and comfort while positioning the property as a leader in sustainability initiatives. You’ll also need to decide whether to pass EV charging power costs back to your tenants or absorb them as an amenity for all residents.


EV charging stations are an increasingly desirable amenity for apartment or condo residents. A convenient charging solution is one way to distinguish your property from others, increase tenant retention, and attract eco-minded renters. Whether you opt for Level 1 charging (standard 120-volt outlet), Level 2 charging that uses a dedicated 240-volt outlet, or a more sophisticated Level 3 charger, your choice depends on several factors. Consider your budget, electrical infrastructure capacity, and the needs of your tenants when deciding which level to install.

You will also need to decide who will bear the cost of electricity. Depending on how you structure your cost allocation plan, it may be better to charge the tenants with EVs directly for charging costs or to distribute the cost among all of the tenants in your building. Finally, you will want to consider security precautions for your EV chargers, as they are susceptible to theft and vandalism like any other amenity. We recommend a centralized junction box with a UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker housed in an intelligent panel to mitigate these risks.


Installing EV charging stations can be complicated for multifamily property owners due to the regulatory framework and complex approval processes. Engaging with local authorities to understand requirements and obtain necessary permits early on can help streamline the process. Additionally, ensuring that the chargers are compatible with accessibility standards is critical. The EV charging station software used to manage a station must be accessible for users with disabilities and must conform to the ADA’s digital accessibility requirements.

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Providing EV charging stations is also a way for a multifamily property to gain valuable points or credits with environmental assessment organizations, such as LEED certification. Moreover, residents who own EVs are likelier to choose an apartment or condo that offers EV charging than other properties without the convenience. When considering EV charging solutions for your multifamily property, ask your tenants about their driving habits to understand the type of charging station they need. For example, if your tenants frequently commute long distances, a level 3 charging station is a more convenient option as it charges vehicles quickly.


A qualified electrician can help you evaluate your property’s available space, power options, and the electrical infrastructure that supports EV charging. It includes determining the maximum kW rating your electricity supplier will allow so you stay within the capacity. Having a clear plan for maintaining EV charging stations is essential. You must decide whether to return electrical fees to your tenants or absorb them as a building amenity. You’ll also need to decide how many EV charging spots to have, where to place them, and what level of chargers to install.

For the best experience and results, work with an EV charging solution provider that offers a comprehensive approach to electrification services. It includes hardware and software, network integrations, installations, and long-term management and maintenance. Moreover, their data-driven interface allows for equitable power distribution and costs among renters. They even provide a streamlined process that minimizes disruption to your tenants’ daily lives.

critical considerations for installing ev charging solutions in multi-tenant properties
Installing EV Charging Solutions in Multi-Tenant Properties

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