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How to Choose the Right Rack System for Your Data Center, 4 Important Points to Check

Server rack buying guide: Everything you need to knowto build up your data center business.

Server racks keep critical hardware like computer servers, routers, and switches in a central location. They also facilitate easier access for troubleshooting and assessment.

Depending on your data center’s needs, there are several types of racks to choose from. To determine the right rack system, consider your space constraints, weight load requirements, and security measures.

Size of the Right Rack System

Choosing the right rack system size is critical for data centers that must accommodate a mix of different hardware. Racks that are too small or too large will hinder performance, especially regarding power distribution. Additionally, huge cabinets can block equipment access and impede cooling.

Meticulous planning when selecting data center server rack systems Nashville can help companies save money and avoid costly mistakes down the road. For example, some manufacturers use a cheap technique called “stick welding” to cut costs, which can weaken the rack structure and suck in the air during the shipping process causing damage to equipment and costly delays.

Also, when choosing a floor-standing data center rack, ensure the frame dimensions match the equipment it will house. This ensures that PDUs or other accessories can’t block the front and back of the rack and allows better airflow. For smaller applications, wall mount racks that attach directly to the wall in your server room are available, saving floor space.


Choosing the right rack system for your data center can significantly impact its performance. Several racks are available, each suited for a specific computing environment and with unique features that can improve security, scalability, cooling, and port capacity.

When selecting the right rack system, it is essential to consider the weight of your equipment. You also want to ensure that your rack can support the expansion of your data center and is strong enough to withstand a power outage.

The type of rack you choose can also impact the cost of operations in your data center. For example, open-frame racks are more cost-effective than closed frames because they are easier to access and have a smaller footprint. Also, a rack designed to optimize airflow can reduce operational costs by reducing the chilled air circulating through your data center. This is especially beneficial in hyper-scale facilities.

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Server racks secure and organize IT equipment, such as servers, routers, switches, hubs, and cables. They also protect this equipment from environmental conditions like vibration or dust.

They can be configured in different ways depending on the needs of a data center or IT closet. For example, some racks have casters so they can be moved, while others are designed to fit into the floor panels of a data center or IT closet. Racks are also built with standardized measurements to be easily paired with other racks in the exact location.

Choosing the right server rack for your business can save space and improve performance in your data center. It can help protect your equipment from environmental conditions that can cause failure and improve airflow and accessibility to the hardware inside the rack. In addition, a server rack can reduce the cooling needed to keep your IT equipment cool.


When choosing the right rack system, consider the equipment it will house and whether it will have future expansion and scalability needs. A server rack that does not offer expandability will require you to purchase additional racks to accommodate future growth, which can add up to a significant investment in your data center.

Another critical factor in deciding on a rack is the load capacity. A rack that can hold the weight of all the equipment in your data center without damaging it is essential. Consider the weight of any additional hardware you plan on adding.

Racks should offer physical security features that prevent unauthorized access and theft of equipment and its data. These features include door locks, asset management tags, and sensors that allow admins to monitor who enters or leaves the room and help reduce human error, such as mistakenly unplugging a vital component or power cord. They can also protect equipment from environmental threats like water or dust.

how to choose the right rack system for your data center
Choose the Right Rack System for Data Center

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