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5 Great Activities for Active Senior Living in Assisted Living

Good activity ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living.

Many active senior living places a high value on their independence. They may feel like they will lose it if they have to move out of their homes to live in assisted living.

Assisted living facilities can keep independence alive through schedules of outings to concerts, shopping excursions, and cultural events. There are also plenty of hobbies that active senior living can participate in individually and in groups.

Rug Hooking

Rug hooking is a technique in which a crochet-style hook set in a wooden handle is used to pull lengths of yarn or fabric, usually wool, through a stiff woven substrate such as burlap, monk’s cloth, or linen. It is similar to latch hooking, which uses short pre-cut pieces of yarn. The earliest hooked rugs are believed to have been created by textile workers in Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century. They used thrums—thick, by-product pieces of wool that ran 9 inches long—to create floor mats.

Active senior living communities are found nationwide and typically offer a combination of residential housing and supportive health care services. Many include housekeeping and organized social activities. Many are age-restricted, such as for residents 55 and over.

Painting for Active Senior Living

Painting is a great, low-impact activity that improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity in seniors. Moreover, it allows them to indulge in a hobby they enjoy, which boosts their sense of self-worth and helps to combat depression and anxiety.

Many assisted living communities, like Westminster Winter Park, have various activities to help residents socialize and learn new skills. They can meet new people and develop friendships while fulfilling their interests and hobbies. They can also attend scheduled outings to experience the community in a safe and supervised way.

This prevents isolation, a common problem for active seniors living alone at home. It also reduces the need to hire a service for housekeeping and other household chores. This frees up their time for hobbies and socializing with family and friends.


Quilting, a time-honored craft that intertwines artistry with tradition, offers active senior living a rich experience of creativity and fulfillment. It can help improve cognitive engagement, physical agility, and social connection.

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Hobbies can also help reduce stress and depression, particularly when combined with charity work. For example, a study found that older adults who sew prayer shawls and donate them to local charities are less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not volunteer.

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Embroidery stimulates shifts between controlled and freestyle techniques, inspires a preoccupation with aspects of time, and allows for the interplay between introversion and extroversion. It also promotes a sense of accomplishment and provides another outlet for creativity.

Creating a ceramic pot or painting a portrait are other creative activities for seniors that can add stylish accents to living spaces. Colorful pressed flowers preserve each flower’s unique beauty. Handcrafted wind chimes can bring a touch of the outdoors in.

Assisted living communities, also called life plan communities, offer a range of housing and social activities that help seniors maintain their independence. They may be located in traditional apartment buildings, condominiums, or mobile home parks and offer various services for senior citizens, such as health care and home care.

Knitting or Sewing Competition

If a senior is crafty, it’s an excellent way to keep their hands busy while utilizing skills they already possess. A competition may foster everyone’s competitive spirit and be fun.

Many assisted living communities have various activities designed to fulfill existing hobbies while offering the chance to learn something new. This gives seniors a sense of purpose and can lead to better overall health as they continue living independently.

In addition, many communities offer unique trips and excursions that are a great way to socialize with friends and family. Having a regular schedule is essential for maintaining independence, as it can help reduce the risk of certain health conditions.

activities for active senior living in assisted living
Activities for Active Senior Living

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