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Data Recovery

  • the power of data: examples of predictive analytics improving healthcare outcomes

    In any industry, data like predictive analytics in healthcare is a valuable resource that provides insights to drive business decisions and enhance operations. Healthcare entities are no exception. Predictive analytics uses big data to help organizations identify which patients are at risk of specific diseases and conditions. It allows clinicians to adjust treatment protocols and prevent disease progression. Identifying High-Risk Patients Using Predictive Analytics Data Predictive analytics in healthcare is…

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  • data recovery strategies every professional should use

    Data recovery is restoring files that have been lost, damaged, or inadvertently deleted. It can also include processes that restore files from backups. When it comes to data recovery, there are many options for you to choose from. This article will cover the top software to consider for data recovery and how it works. Recovering Data from Tapes Data may be lost for several reasons, including technology failures, natural disasters,…

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  • enhancing user experience: the advantages of using the cloud for security

    Managing numerous login credentials has become a hassle in today’s digital world, where multiple applications and systems are integral to people’s lives. Fortunately, cloud-based systems offer a solution to simplify the login process – utilizing the cloud. By having the cloud store user information and act as a form of security, companies can greatly minimize security breaches and account hacking. The cloud for security systems streamlines access and creates a…

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  • reasons why people like analytics platforms

    4 Reasons Why People Like Analytics Platforms. The benefits of an analytics platform are many. They help you collect broad data sets, and are predictive, adaptive, and self-learning. In addition, they integrate seamlessly with existing business systems and alert you to sudden changes. However, you should be cautious when choosing one for your business. The features and capabilities of an analytics platform should meet your requirements. Here are a few…

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  • principles related to personal identifiable information (pii)

    4 Principles Related to Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lays down four important principles for data protection. One of these is individual consent. This pillar must be given before collecting and processing PII. Personal Identifiable Information is also associated with linkability and de-identification. If you’re unsure which principle applies to your company, you can read more here.  Principles Related to Personal Identifiable Information…

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  • cnwintech solar system technology 2

    Consumers are more interested in having a sustainable supply of energy in case of an emergency, which means that people are looking at solar power as a backup in case of service disruptions. What makes it unique is the fact that a majority of people has a relatively limitless supply of sunlight if the weather cooperates. Users will be able to have a supply of current available if they keep…

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  • comodo backup free edition review

    The Comodo BackUp Free Edition Review. Currently, you no longer need dizziness if you want backing up data, ranging from the data file/directory, registry, to partition. Just trust all at Comodo BackUp Free Edition. If you are a person who often underestimate the importance of backing up data, Comodo BackUp has facilities scheduling the backup process, so you do not have to do it manually. However, keep in mind that…

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  • norton 360 version 6.0 review performance

    The Norton 360 Version 6.0 Review. In addition to fortify your system from the threat of cyber criminal action, protective PC today also need to equip themselves against the threat from inside. Norton 360 tries to take that role. Protect your system from cyber crime threats, such as malware, spam, and phishing, should already a must for every PC user. As a result, antivirus packages combined with anti-spam, anti-phishing and…

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  • partition manager personal edition review performance

    The Partition Manager Personal Edition Review. Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) from Paragon has key functions such as Create, Edit, Format, Resize and Merge Partition. However, as a paid application, PMPE provide better feature in terms of hard disk partition management. PMPE hallmarks lies in its ability to resize partitions without destroying data, run multiple operating systems, copying partitions to back up your hard disk, solving boot problems, converting file…

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  • cnwintech 5 favorites android file storage service 1

    The limited storage space on Android phones is a common problem experienced by Android phone users. To resolve this other than to move data or applications to external memory, you can also take advantage of online storage space or commonly known as cloud storage. By leveraging cloud storage service, you can upload files anywhere and anytime, and perform backup and restore data from different types of phones with various platforms.…

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