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  • cnwintech document management outsourcing services 2

    What Should You Look For In A Document Outsourcing Company? These days, many companies find that they cannot handle the work and effort that goes into document production. Hiring a professional outsourcing company to handle the documentation production process can bring many benefits, one of which is to help your business concentrate on its core competencies. Some other benefits include a reduction in cost for shared services and the reduction…

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  • cnwintech nexsan 2

    Upgrading data-storage systems is a top priority this year for nearly half of business executives who responded to a recent survey. The survey conducted by Information Week found that 44 percent of responding business leaders said that revamping their data-storage systems is a very high priority for this year. The continual data explosion has generated record sales years for many data-storage companies. Data-storage systems continue to be a large part…

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  • advantage disadvantage cloud services 2

    There are many options for those who want to use cloud-based data storage services. From the Google-owned service called Google Drive, Apple’s cloud service called iCloud, to a number of other services are also quite popular like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Box. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages of each. A tech-support FixYa site summarizes advantages, and disadvantages are sourced from the 25 million users of cloud-based data storage services.…

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  • folder lock review 2

    Folder Lock can be used to lock a file/folder using AES 256-bit encryption. The method is capable of processing data protection in a short time, although the locked data are large. Folder Lock can not only be used on the data contained on your hard disk, but also on other storage media such as external hard disks, flash, and a compact disc (CD/DVD). To run the Folder Lock, the first…

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  • seagate goflex satellite review

    This device is a Data warehouse solutions style that is practical for cloud computing gadgets. Knowingly or not, a digital activity we do every day would need space for data, both a memory card and a hard drive. Just take a look at the internal memory capacity of your mobile phone is increasingly shrinkage due to various activities, such as downloading various files from the Internet or via a camera…

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  • Schneider Electric IT Business introduces StruxtureWare for Data Center, software management that is designed to address all aspects of data center physical infrastructure needed to maximize the capability and efficiency (10/4). StruxureWare for the data center, incorporating Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Facility Management (DCFM), thus combining the data, monitoring, automation, and the planning and implementation functions that can activate a process of integration and multiple views…

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  • cnwintech oracle big data image 04 1

    Currently, it seems common that a company stores its business inventory in a powerful database. Because the company’s data files have not less amount of data and the amount is very much to care for, it is sometimes difficult to find a company their corporate data to determine accurately how many types of data generated. The understanding was finally analyzed by multiple vendors in finding an efficient solution to the…

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