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Partition Manager Personal Edition Performance Review, Manage Multiple Operating Systems

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Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) from Paragon has key functions such as Create, Edit, Format, Resize and Merge Partition. However, as a paid application, PMPE provide better feature in terms of hard disk partition management. PMPE hallmarks lies in its ability to resize partitions without destroying data, run multiple operating systems, copying partitions to back up your hard disk, solving boot problems, converting file systems and other complex operations.

In detail, you will find Undelete Partition feature that will restore the partition to its original state. There is also the option Boot Management menu. In this menu, there are two options ie the Boot Manager that will make the parameters of an operating system that will be displayed along with the Install New OS option to install the new operating system.

If you want to use multiple operating systems simultaneously, try to use Boot Manager feature. Here, there will be a guide for installing the OS despite being in Windows. Mac OS users also receive attention. PMPE provide Mac Related Operations menu option. In it there is a function to separate partitions and free space for those who want to use two operating systems between Mac OS and Windows.

For a more complete display functions, you can use Partition Manager menu. From here it will be seen all over the hard disk with existing partitions and shortcut buttons to perform functions. In addition to identifying the FAT and NTFS partition format, partition Linux is also supported include Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, and ReiserFS. Similarly, the partition for the Apple Mac OS HFS.

With a feature that is more complete than similar applications which free, Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) quite interesting for those who want to manage multiple operating systems on one computer.


type Paid (From $ 9.95)
installation size 91 KB / 12.12 MB (Android / Windows)
operating system Android / Windows XP/Vista/7


Plus: Free multiple partitions installation and operating systems; support multiple file systems Windows, Mac OS, and Linux; Boot Management feature: it could restore the partition to its original state.

Minus: Some features are not active on the trial version (trial).

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