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LuninuX OS 11.11 Performance Review, an Elegant Lazy Lion

luninux os 11.11 review an elegant lazy lion

If Mac OS gives users a single dock to place application shortcuts, LuninuX OS 11.11 offers more: two docks at once. What other advantages?

Perhaps there are many who do not know LuninuX OS. This is reasonable because the OS was formerly named Sn0wl1nuX. Sn0wl1nuX Contrast to Snowlinux which is also one of the distro. With that similar reason, Sn0wl1nux renamed LuninuX OS.

LuninuX 11.11 using the latest version of Ubuntu-based Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) and using the GNOME 3.0 desktop environment and Linux kernel 2.6.32. Combined with the modification works of its developers, LuninuX becomes an elegant and interesting distro from the display side.

If at previous editions we’ve discussed Linux PearOS that has the look of Mac OS style, as well as LuninuX which has a display on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). The code name was created is similar to the Lazy Lion.

A distinctive feature of the Mac OS dock is a view that is a collection of applications that are ordered by icons so that it more accessible. At LuninuX included two docks at the bottom and right side (Docky). On the top menu bar, you will find many shortcuts of any additional functions, such as calendars, weather reports, view history, and universal access settings.

Ubuntu likes 11.10, LuninuX using Ubiquity installer. This installer allows users to perform the installation, either as a single operating system or with another OS (e.g Windows or other distributions). You can set the drive partitions manually or automatically to divide capacity with another OS.

After installation is complete, LuninuX able to detect most of the latest hardware. Specifically for graphics cards, is still used as a generic driver. Nevertheless, the appearance was adequate. Only, you can not optimize the Compiz effects. If the graphics card driver detection process does not work, you can download the graphics card driver that came through a link on its Web site, both for AMD and Nvidia.

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LuninuX also comes complete with an application to meet the needs of everyday computing. One of these applications such as LibreOffice. This application consists of Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, and Math. Some codecs have also been included so you can directly run the standard multimedia files.

However, LuninuX not includes Synaptic and Software Center. If you want to add, you must first activate it via the command from Terminal.

LuninuX OS 11.11 could be an alternative distro Ubuntu-based desktop with an elegant style of Mac OS. Unfortunately, its performance is a bit heavy, especially on computers with low-performance specs.


type Open-source/free
Installation size 32-bit (1.4 GB), 64-bit (1.6 GB)
Recommended specification processor x86 2GHz, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, graphics card at least 1024×768 resolution, CD / DVD drive or USB port, internet access.
luninux os 11.11 review an elegant lazy lion 1

Two Dock
Dock appearance reminiscent of the Mac OS operating system. The difference in LuninuX dock has been modified and displayed on two sides, the bottom and right side (Docky).

luninux os 11.11 review an elegant lazy lion 2

See Application
To see which applications are running, you just activate it through the shortcut application launcher at toolbar (tab) Windows.

luninux os 11.11 review an elegant lazy lion 3

Shortcut Launcher
Shortcut application launcher located at the top left corner that displays multiple applications has been installed to facilitate the search.


Plus: beautiful design, neat, and elegant; Mac OS display style dock at the bottom and right side; many display options that can be customized

Minus: Does not include Synaptic and the Software Center; performance is rather heavy.

Score Assessment
 - Use of: 4
 - Performance: 3.6
 - Feature: 3.9
 - Price: 5
 - Total Score: 4.06

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