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Linksys X2000 Performance Review, Almost Equals

linksys x2000 review almost equals 1 2

Having a little specifications below X3000, X2000 Linksys was still able to deliver performance nearly equal. Linksys X2000 is an ADSL modem that appeared almost simultaneously with Linsys X3000 we have tested in last article. In terms of specs and features, the Linksys X2000 is indeed under X3000. However, although more simpler, Linksys X2000 is still noteworthy.

Hailed as a hybrid solution between the ADSL modem and wireless router, Linksys X2000 was performed with the physical design of distinctive style Linksys products in general. The design is elegant and minimalist with a flat shape, and wrapped with black, which makes it look more elegant. Same with the X3000, X2000 Linksys made mostly matte surface so it is not easy to leave fingerprints. Oh yes, the Linksys X2000 also uses an internal antenna design, and does not allow the addition of an external antenna.

For ease of use, especially for novice users, Linksys has included an application in the sales package. Application called Cisco Connect can help you make the basic settings on the Linksys X2000 to belong to the network. If you want to perform a more complete setup, you can do this via the web control panel.

Linksys X2000 is positioned as a middle-class wireless ADSL router. Specifications are carried by these devices is fairly interesting. This hybrid device has two input ports, the RJ11 port for ADSL connection, and a RJ45 port for other connections. For the LAN ports, Linksys X2000 offers three ports. Considerably less than other wireless routers generally provide four pieces. The entire available RJ45 port supports speeds up to 100 Mbps. For wireless connections, this device supports both wireless 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Supported a maximum theoretical speed of 300 Mbps. Unlike the X3000, X2000 does not have a USB port for additional storage. However, the device still has a power switch to turn off and turn on the device with ease.

Linksys X2000 provides a feature that is quite interesting. Various features that are available tend to be similar to the Linksys X3000 who are in it. In addition to Cisco Connect application that has been mentioned previously, various other features are available on the web control panel also are complete. You can make the encryption security, from WEP, WPA, and WPA2, configure the firewall, MAC filter, bandwidth control, up to guest access.

In terms of performance, the Linksys X2000 has a pretty good performance. When compared to the X3000, X2000 performance nearly identical to the X3000. We tested the Linksys X2000 throughput by using an 802.11n wireless adapter. And the results, the average throughput generated stands at around 57.554 Mbps with maximum achievement in rate 67.625 Mbps. The resulting throughput is also quite stable and responsive with a response time of approximately 1.4 seconds.

Being under X3000, X2000 Linksys was able to produce a similar performance. The price difference between them being on feature provided. For a middle-class wireless ADSL router, Linksys X2000 can be a very attractive option to support hybrid.

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standard 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
connectors 1x RJ11, 1 x WAN, 4 x LAN 100 Mbps
Data transfer rate Maximum 300 Mbps
features DHCP server; MAC address filtering; URLs fitering; IP filtering; Encryption WEP, WPA; WPA2; Parental control
completeness Power adapter; Cable RJ45; Cable RJ11; CD Manual & User Guide
guarantee 1 year
website www.cisco.com
Price (range*) $ 97
linksys x2000 review almost equals 2 2

Fair performance
Linksys X2000 can deliver a pretty good throughput with an average value of 57.554 Mbps.

linksys x2000 review almost equals 3 2

three Port
Linksys X2000 offers three 100 Mbps LAN ports.


Plus: Good performance, no RJ45 WAN port next to RJ11, feature complete.

Minus: internal antenna design does not allow the addition of an antenna, the price is a bit high, not gigabit LAN.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.75
 - Facilities: 3.75
 - Usage: 4
 - Price: 3.75
 - Total Score: 3.81

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