Full Performance Review: Samsung Galaxy N7100 Note II, the Successor with Larger & Higher Body

Attention is now focused Android smartphone to Samsung, because the vendor from ginseng country is a market leader for Android devices. The emergence of the new variant called Phablet (phone-tablet) Samsung Galaxy Note launched its first success. Reaching 10 million units since first introduced in October year ago, Samsung finally spawned a second generation called code name (N7100). What are the differences?


Dimensions: 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm, 183 grams; full touchscreen; Hyperglaze technology; Material plastic and corning gorilla glass 2; 3.5mm audio jack, secondary mic; button power/lock; primary mic, microUSB port, a slot S Pen Stylus; volume rocker (around the phone from the top) 1 home physical button and 2 touch buttons below the screen (menu and back).

When viewed from its shape Note II is even more similar to the Galaxy S III. This is evident in composition of buttons and ports are identical. The difference is the addition of port S Pen in Note II.

Compared to its predecessor, Note II is slightly higher but more slim. Like the Galaxy S III, Note II also uses Hyperglaze finishing which gives luxury glossy display on the phone’s back cover.

The use of plastic materials in mobile phones can be understood, given the choice of a more luxurious materials would have an impact on additional weight.

Note II equipped with a wider screen and a battery with significant extra power than its predecessor, but the addition of weight adrift only about 5 grams.

Wider Screen

Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 16 million colors, 720 x 1280 pixels, 5.5 inches (~267 ppi pixel density), multi-touch, corning Gorilla Glass 2.

Not only broader size, but the aspect ratio of the screen resolution is also experiencing a 720p HD resolution, as well as on the Galaxy S III.

Interestingly, although the pixel density of the screen Note II is more tenuous than the original Note (267 ppi versus 285 ppi), but it looks sharper look. Maybe it’s because the Super AMOLED panel owned Note II no longer uses PenTile matrix. Were able to make this phone has more subpixels. Subpixel is what produces better sharpness.

Settings screen on the Galaxy Note II, Samsung presents a new experience in a setting where the screen brightness although auto brightness option activated, slider to adjust the brightness level can be used to match the user’s needs. So that when surrounding lighting condition Note II changes, the screen will only make minor adjustments of the preset level.

Jellybean OS with TouchWiz UI

Android OS, v4.1.1 (Jelly Bean), TouchWiz UI.

Note II using OS Jellybean, which are coated with TouchWiz interface. From the homescreen is not much changed from the Ice Cream Sandwich-owned Galaxy S III except for the number of shortcuts that increased to 5.

What is different is the setting can be done in Settings menu, such as to enable Information Ticker that will present the latest news from a particular site feeds, stock market development, or update from user’s Facebook account.

There are several ways you can choose to switch from the lockscreen to the homescreen, such as swipe, motion, face unlock, face and voice, pattern, PIN and password. All of them can be selected from menu Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock.

The latest is preferred motion, whereby to enable the user to press the screen lock/power and then touch the screen and move the Note II to lying position.

Beyond that, homescreen, main menu, and tray notification appears similar to Galaxy III with minor changes.

Superior Hardware

Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9, Exynos 4412 Quad chipset, Mali-400MP GPU, RAM: 2GB, Internal Storage: 16/32/64 GB, External: microSD up to 64GB, Li-Ion 3100mAh.

Samsung double the processing power previously only using a dual core processor. Not only that, the clock speed also be 1.6GHz than previously 1.4 GHz, this is even better compared with Samsung Galaxy S III.

Similarly Note II RAM memory that are 100% larger than its predecessor and the Galaxy S III.

To support the hardware performance that will require large power intake, Note II is also equipped with a battery power of 3100mAh, compared with power possessed by original Note 2500mAh battery only.

Smart Features

Smart Stay, Smart Rotation, S Voice, Motion.

In the latest TouchWiz owned Note II, Samsung has also added a number of clever and unique features. “Screen time out” is a smart feature that when enabled will stay prevents the screen dims as long as you look towards the screen, even after passes the time.

Samsung added a feature Smart Rotation in Note II. This feature will prevent the screen orientation changes while Note II position change. As well as smart stay, smart rotation features utilizing the front camera to check the orientation of the user’s face and eyes. This feature would be very nice for users who often use cell phones while lying down.

There are also motion features, a number of feature that runs only with how users mobilizing Note II. Most of the motion option has been there since the Galaxy S III.

S Pen

S Pen which is characteristic of Note. With a length of 11.3 cm and thickness of 7 mm S Pen owned Note II was relatively more comfortable than the previous S Pen 10.4 cm x 5 mm size.

Note II using the S Pen that can recognize up to 1024 different levels of pressure, it will be felt for users who like to draw using the Note II and S Pen due to their pressure will seemingly on the thickness of line you created.

When the S Pen removed from its holder, a panel will be added to the homescreen. This panel contains a widget that also serves as a shortcut to make notes. Note created by users can vary, because Note II itself gave option 9 note categories, including diary, recipes, travel notes.

There are also some features associated with the S Pen, including Air View, and Quick Gesture Command.

Gesture for example, allows users to perform multiple functions such as return to the previous page by drawing symbols < (less than) while pressing the button on S Pen and also many other functions.

Multimedia Player

Pop Up Play, Live Video List, DLNA.

Note II using a video player, which displays a collection of videos stored on Note II that served in Live Video List mode where the thumbnails which displayed is not static but moves really like when the video playing.

Not only that, there are chapter preview feature where the phone will display the currently playing video in some thumbnails divided video into several parts according chronology. It would be very useful when users play video long duration in Note II.

Most interesting is the Pop Up Play feature which allows the video to keep it running in a small window so that the user can perform other functions on the Note as reading sms or email.

Not only that, on video player, photo viewer gallery or music player the option to accessing collection stored on other devices that supporting DLNA technology within the same network.


8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization; video recorder: 1080p @ 30fps; 1.9MP secondary camera (720p @ 30fps)

Camera on Note II has a number of interesting features and unique, such as: Burst shot for example, this mode allows users to capture up to 20 photos just by holding the shutter button. In Shot Burst mode, the user can activate best shot options that will choose the best photo captured in once using this mode. Users also can choose the pictures you want to save.

However, when enabling best shot, the image produced amounted to only 8 when pressing the shutter once. For video recording mode, users can record video with resolution up to full HD (1080p) while shooting at the same time.


Multi-tabs, Flash player, HTML, bookmarks, history, downloads, pinch zoom, print, share page, incognito, save for off-line reading, desktop view, quick control.

Browser in Note II equipped with incognito mode that allows users to surf without leaving any history or cookies on this phone.

There are also quick control features, which is the number of controls to perform multiple functions on the browser simply by placing your thumb in the right or left screen area. To use this feature, firstly user must activate it by pressing the button on the browser menu, click Settings > Labs

There are interesting things from Note II related with browsers, ie browser pop-up feature that works like a pop-up play on the video player which previously appeared on the Galaxy S III. Options pop-up browser will appear when users open internet links from other applications such as news ticker on the lockscreen or links posted via chat application.


Applications used: Quadrant Standard Edition by Aurora Softwork and Antutu Benchmark v2.9.3 by Antutu

From hardware and software used, Note II test results showed a fantastic score even better than Samsung’s superphone, the Galaxy S III. With the application Quadrant Standard scores obtained Note II is 5769 points and Antutu shows score 13652 points. Compare this with the Galaxy S III record, 5363 points and 12070 points.


• slim design and higher
• Jellybean Android & TouchWiz UI
• Processor 1.6 GHz quadcore
• Extra wide screen HD Super AMOLED 5.5 inch
• 8MP camera and full HD video

• The price is relatively expensive
• Plastic Body
• Without the shutter button

Wider screens with the latest Android version, super fast processor, superior camera is likely to be the successor of its predecessor. Moreover, the performance somewhat better than the Galaxy S III. Unfortunately the price is less friendly in pocket. So if you want it, ready to spend much deeper.

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