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YouTube vs Television

In this day and age, most people are continually on their cell phones. In fact, many people claim that they catch up on their favorite television shows by watching them on their mobile phones. YouTube, of course, is extremely popular on mobile phones. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that users watch a combined 1 billion videos each day on their mobile phones. 30 million people tune into their favorite television shows on their mobile devices, as well. But since these two statistics are not exact replicas of each other in that number of videos viewed cannot be adequately compared with number of people viewing, it’s hard to tell which media outlet wins in this case.

It’s no surprise that a largely social media-based platform like YouTube would be most viewed on mobile devices, and that shows designed to be watched on television would be most viewed off mobile devices. But it’s still a staggering statistic in either case, and YouTube still seems to claim the majority of the mobile viewership any way you look at it. Perhaps the most interesting way to compare YouTube and television would be to look at the shift in “view time” each has received over a one year period.

Between 2011 and 2012, the number of hours people spent watching YouTube videos increased by 3.8 hours overall. Television, on the other hand, only experienced an increase of two hours and 26 minutes. Generally speaking, then, it seems that YouTube is gaining traction with viewers more quickly than television, making many wonder if television is a thing of the past.

youtube vs tv
Courtesy of: YTD YouTube Downloader

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