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Choosing the Right Domain Name for The Right Businesses

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Domain name is word that representing the identity of a web page . Therefore if you are typing in the page URL from your browser then hit enter key, the browser would opening the front page of the website. Examples of domain names such as: facebook.com, yahoo.com, google.com, and many more.

You can register a domain name to domain provider concerned with a certain price , and require you to renew it each year before the expiry date comes. And if you choose a domain name that was already used by someone else, you can not use the domain name. The selection of this domain name will have an important role in our goal of building a website . This is because the domain name have word that should be easily remembered by your targeted visitors or represent your company or businesses, and also the anchor text in domain name you choose has a high value in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) building. Finally, this will determine the level of traffic visitors to our website.

Here’s a useful tip which should be consider if you want to choose good domain name for your businesses:

  1. Simple, best recommended not more than 63 characters. We encourage you to choose a name that is short and simple.
  2. Descriptive, use a domain name that is descriptive or has meaning. It would be very easy to remember. For example, cnwintech.com is better than cnwtch.com.
  3. Understandably, easy to uttered, easy typed, easy to remember. Choose a domain name that is simple to understand, easy to say, easily typed, and memorable. For that try to tell someone verbally domain name you choose over the phone. If the user can immediately understand, then your choice is good.
  4. SEO Friendly. Anchor text or link words that follow the domain name has a high value in the SEO process. For that you should also including the product or service or the name of your company or organization’s identity. Therefore, if you have a company name that including the name of your product or services are highly recommended to pick this domain name. And if not so, you should choose a domain name that contains one of your company name or your product. For example, if you are offering computer, pick computer.com as a domain name or if not available maybe you could add a “-” a computer-us.com will occupy a better value than the computerus.com.
  5. Select a name from the most famous extensions. Choose a domain name that uses the .com extension first since this is the most popular in the world. When this domain name extension already taken by someone else, you can considering to use other domain extensions like .net .biz .info, many more.
  6. Register domain names that you desired now. Otherwise you will lose the chance to get it. Currently the domain purchase demand are very high in the market, especially for the .com domains. In fact many people who purchasing domain just used it for domain parking. Moreover by considering the SEO, the domain age have high impact to improve your ranking in search engines. At least if you purchase your domain name now, you can firstly used it for email account, or just parked.
  7. Buy 1 domain is not enough. Supposedly you have bought yourdomain.com, it will be better if you also purchase another extension like yourdomain.net and yourdomain.biz. This is useful to avoid someone else purchasing a similar name of your domain. Additionally you can do forwarding trick from yourdomain.net and yourdomain.biz towards to yourdomain.com. In SEO building, this will be more beneficial.
  8. Buy domain from trusted company or person. My point is through reputable company or honest and fair person. This is to avoid you can not have full control on your domain proprietary.
  9. Make sure you have the ownership and full access to your domain name. You need to remember that the domain name equally valuable to the brand of your product. Make sure your domain name already registered by using your email address, and you are the registrar and have access to the domain menu control panel to manage all of your domains from your provider.

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