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10 Endangered Technology

Many things can not be forgotten in the digital world. Better period keyboard, floppy, and others seemed to have passed.

1. FlashAdobe

“If Flash is working on a device, the eggs can be cooked on it”, joked Phillip Grønvold from Opera about Flash is wasteful of electrical power. No wonder if the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs, predicted the collapse of Flash in an era that completely mobile.

2. Game Controller

Goodbye Nintendo buttons and vibration controller at Sony. Currently, the game controller (like the Wii controller) is controlled via the motion controller. In fact, Microsoft developed “Project Christmas” for Xbox 360 (available starting Christmas Eve this year) which utilizes the body as an input controller gamers with the help of a camera.


3. Keyboard & Mouse

fakta2After the discovery touchscreen and touchpad, keyboard and mouse lost its heyday. When voice recognition is better, later you can dictate text and no longer need to type manually.

4. Satellite Telephone

Except in the ocean which is not covered by mobile networks, satellite phones would become the museum’s collection.

5. Plasma TV

Although the 3D Plasma TV provides better quality, these devices can not be saved. According to one study, 75 percent of the LCD devices are sold by the end of 2009, only 7 percent of which include a Plasma TV.

6. Magnetic Storage

In the future, we no longer hear the cover disk. Sony has announced that they stop the product diskette. The fate of magnetic storage media will be following the music and video cassettes.

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7. Charger (Mobile Handphone)

fakta4Electricity from the cable will become history. In the future, devices that use batteries can be charged through the field induction. In fact, the power source was changed. With “Magic Charger”, electricity can be generated by way of twisting the magic cube.

8. Analog TV

According to a study in the European market, 6.8 million households this device does not display the picture on April 30, 2012. Because the satellite transmitting analog signals will be discontinued. TV’s future is digital.

9. Offline Storage

Over time, the data are no longer stored on the local computer, but on the cloud. The Internet offers unlimited storage space.

10. Fax machine

According to statistics, almost all companies have a fax machine. However, with the advent of e-mail and digital signatures, the task is complete. Just as users of e-mail, long the fax machine owners fight against spam.

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