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Asus EeeBox PC EB1030 Performance Review, The Successor of AIO PC

asus eeebox pc eb1030 1 2

This device has a tiny physical form. Unfortunately mediocre specifications that could only optimized for lightweight computing.

The uniqueness of Asus EeeBox PC EB1030 nettop directly visible from the physical form. Nettop is the term for a desktop PC with a tiny physical form intended for internet access. Nettop is a mini version of the desktop, a netbook which is the shorthand version of notebook. This nettop has a thickness of no more than three centimeters only. Hence nettop can be placed in unusual places.

We can call this product as a wannabe AiO PC. Because the net op provides a bracket that can be placed on the back of an LCD monitor and can be “patched” so similar to the PC all-in-one. Bracket and supporting devices to attached to the monitor was included in the package. However, this mode can only installed on an LCD that has a standard VESA mount.

With Intel Atom Cedar Trail dual core processor, this device suitable for home or office users who are preoccupied with day-to-day computing activities such as use of office applications, Internet browsing, as well as running the music and video. Support of connections fairly standard, with only the four USB 2.0 ports and a card reader 4-in-1 with audio output. While in the back, you will find a display port HDMI and D-Sub to be used simultaneously on two monitors. Although there is an HDMI port, you can only use it to run high definition video files with 720p resolution only. While in terms of networks, you can choose to use a wired or wireless media. Asus EeeBox PC EB1030 is sold with the keyboard and mouse cables. If it is sold with a Bluetooth-based wireless mouse, this package will certainly more exciting.

We love silence of these devices when they are working hard. Even when used at the dawn time, we think this device power is off. Heat it generates is not felt and still within a reasonable temperature despite running heavy applications.

asus eeebox pc eb1030 2 2There are old port

COM serial port is intended for the use of older devices such as dot matrix printers or barcode scanners.

asus eeebox pc eb1030 3 2Windows Score
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Windows Experience Index scores are in the lowest category of processor and gaming graphics. Therefore, this device more suitable intended for lightweight computing activities.

asus eeebox pc eb1030 4 2Without USB3.0

USB2.0 ports placed throughout front area. This makes it easily accessible when connected to an external storage media. Unfortunately not included USB3.0 port.


Processor1.9 GHz Intel Atom D2550
RAM2 GB DDR3-1600
ChipsetIntel Tiger Point NM10
Graphics CardIntel GMA 3600 series
Sound CardRealtek ALC887
Hard Disk320 GB 5400 RPM Hitachi SATA-II
Optical Drivenone
Wireless Connection Support802.11 b/g/n
Others4x USB2.0, 4-in-1 card reader, audio (mic and speaker), HDMI, D-Sub, LAN, Serial COM, WiFi antenna
Operating SystemDOS
Dimension21,9 x 17,25 x 2,9 cm
Weight690 grams
Power consumption (max.)40 watts
Guarantee1 Year
Official sitehttp://www.asus.com
Price (range)*U.S.$ 260


Plus: thin and portable design; can be attached to the back of monitor; thrifty; quiet and does not hot; support dual monitors usage.

Minus: regular performance.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.25
 - Facilities: 3.75
 - Ease: 4.25
 - Price: 3.75
 - Total Score: 3.7

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