• Photo of Full Performance Review AirPods Pro, 7 Nice Features You Need to Know

    Review AirPods Pro. In this article, we will review sound quality, sound leakage, sound delay, etc. From AirPods Pro which has evolved to the “Pro” level, such as adopting active noise cancellation that does not feel pressing and the type of channel that does not fall from the ear. The Design Review AirPods Pro Review AirPods Pro: The design, often called “bad”, changed significantly with the AirPods Pro. The headphones…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review ASUS Mini PC PN50 with the Ryzen 4000 & Wi-Fi 6, the long-awaited mini barebone PC by AMD lover

    Review ASUS Mini PC PN50. Many people choose a laptop when buying a PC, but the disadvantage of a laptop is its smaller screen size. Of course, it’s okay to use a laptop with a large screen, but it’s fair to think that a small desktop PC would be fine. Especially if you know where to use your PC. Mini barebones PCs are very popular among these people. It’s a…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review Apple new iMac 27-inch, Great Performance with luxury design

    After Apple announced it would move its Mac CPUs from Intel to ARM, the first major update was the Mac-most-like Mac, the 27-inch iMac model, which represents Mac. Nowadays, many people might feel surprised to upgrade such flagship machines with Intel CPUs installed. Sure, this might be the last big update for iMacs with Intel CPUs. Here, let’s explore the Review Apple New iMac 27-inch from various angles. The latest…

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  • Photo of Review realme Smart TV 43, Bring Smart Impressions in High Resolution, Great Sound

    Review realme Smart TV. Comes in two variants, namely 32 inches and 43 inches, the realme immediately kicked off with television that had loudspeakers. When tested in a relatively large room, around 10 x 10 m, the volume of this realme smart TV managed to cover all corners of the room with only about 20% of the highest volume. A thing that is sometimes forgotten by thin screen television manufacturers.…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review XGIMI Halo, #1 Portable Projector with Android TV

    Review XGIMI Halo with Android TV. When we heard that this was a projector for individuals, it was highly thought that it was a product for fans of AV devices that built a viewing environment together with a screen, but recently a product that is compact and can easily be used as a portable device has also appeared. The XGIMI Halo, with +Style launched on July 2, is also a…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review WD Blue SN550, Compact Design at Competitive Prices

    Review WD Blue SN550 SSD. More and more M.2 NVMe storage variants are on the market. Western Digital as one of the old storage players is very aware of the need for this latest storage type. Therefore, they provide an update to the product series that used to be only available for HDDs. WD Blue SN550 is the latest product that supports the M.2 interface and has arrived at the…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review Asus VP249QGR, Casual Appearance with Gaming Capability

    Review Asus VP249QGR. Talking about gaming, several vendors have provided various related products through independent sub-brands. This also applies to monitors. However, the reality is that not all products that provide features and capabilities suitable for gaming are included in this sub-brand. One of them is the Asus VP249QGR. It is not included in the ROG family, but the features it has are arguably worthy of accompanying consumers to play…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review Redmi 9A, Affordable Smartphone with Relief Screen

    Review Redmi 9A. CnwinTech suspects that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic conditions which have an impact on everyone’s finances, various smartphone brands are competing to release affordable versions of products. On the other hand, the need for cheap smartphones is highly sought after because the education system has to do it online. So smartphones are one of the tools for online learning activities that can be easily owned at…

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  • Photo of Full Performance Review realme Narzo, #1 Gaming Experience at Affordable Prices

    Review realme Narzo. Realme recently introduced a new sub-brand in my country which is claimed to remain focused on offering the best performance at affordable prices. They brought realme Narzo, which in our opinion is Realme’s weapon for a gaming experience at an affordable price. Design Review realme Narzo We tried the Realme Narzo Just Black color series. The rear body has an exclusive design that reflects light. This area…

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  • Photo of G-Shock GBD-100 Series Full Performance Review, Nice Features and Price

    Welcome back for another G-Shock review on CnwinTech, the long-awaited G-Shock GBD-100 is finally here. Initially, this watch was planned for an April 2020 release, and it was then later pushed back to May 2020, and it was finally released on the 22nd of May, and that includes the GBD H-1000 as well. But today, we’re going to be focusing on the G-Shock GBD-100, remember to Subscribe to our blog…

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