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Quick Media Converter HD Software Performance Review

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Quick Media Converter (QMC) is one of the applications that are trusted in matters converting various multimedia files, especially video. The proof, this application has been downloaded more than 2.9 million people around the world.

In the latest version, QMC has been supporting all popular video formats, including high definition video (Full HD AVC). Practicality QMC demonstrated through its ability to convert video files in bulk (batch processing) although different format.

In the conversion process, Quick Media offers three separate modes tailored to the practicality and necessity. These options consist of Easy, Expert, and HD Mode.

In Easy Mode, you can simply select the video along with the desired output format. This option is suitable for you who prioritize practicality and do not want to deal with in-depth details on the output video.

Expert mode displays a more detailed configuration of the format that will be generated. These include formatting options, codec, resolution, and simple editing. In HD mode, the option to convert video to HD format. This mode has 6 formatting options that can be selected.

There are also two additional functions that have enhanced the CamStudio and WebCam. CamStudio is useful to record your desktop activity into video format, including the option to set the area size that will be captured. Later, the output video file will be saved in AVI format.

Meanwhile, the WebCam will record images and video using a webcam. Options configuration includes setting the brightness level, video sources, and resolution. Video recordings would eventually result in AVI format while image capture will result in BMP format.

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The application is multilingual support can be replaced directly even being used. There is a choice of 10 languages and unfortunately the Indonesian language is not included in it.

Converting video formats into full one advantages Quick Media Converter HD. The existence WebCam and CamStudio function make it as an all-in-one fun to handle video.


type freeware
installation size 30.57 MB
operating system Windows NT/98/2000/XP/Vista/7


Plus: There are additional functions CamStudio and WebCam; support full video formats up to HD quality; video conversion at once (batch processing), although different format.

Minus: Only for video format.

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