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Genius Kids Designer II Performance Review, Drawing Tablet For Kids

genius kids designer ii performance review drawing tablet for kids 2

Painting, playing, and playing music is a variety of activities that most kids love. Sharpening regularly can sharpen kids creativity, let alone supported by modern technology and a friendly devices. Do not be dizziness choosing the right technology to sharpen children creativity. As long as it safe, easy to use and certainly fascinating, creativity devices can certainly be fun. Three of these things are available in this Kids Designer made in Genius, plus the bonus game for ages 3 to 8 years, which certainly favored children.

Kids Designer is actually a pen and touch devices that are often used graphic designer to finish the job. But, Genius “conjure” in such a way that exciting to kids. The design is similar to the color palette used for painting.

Pen touch stamped with frame image and style elements that attract children. Function keys to adjust the volume and the enter key was modified to make it more friendly with kids.

For operating Kids Designer as a substitute for your mouse, a stylus is provided to detect the touch or a short distance move in the sensor area Kids Designer. There is also a stylus that is specially designed to be comfortably held by children. 1 AAA battery is required to turn-on this stylus.

Using Designer Kids fairly easy. Because it can serve as a substitute for your mouse, this device can be directly used after its USB port connected to a PC (without installing drivers). The only one software that you must install on this device are bonus game that provided free of charge by Genius.

A total of 15 types of activities are provided in the bonus Genius application. These activities are divided into two age groups and one group challenges. Variety of activities available, including games, activities, drawing, coloring, learning arithmetic, logic, knowledge, geography, and language lessons. For language options, Genius offers 11 different languages to choose from.

Genius promising 2560 LPI resolution and accuracy to 0.25 millimeters in this device. The results of our tests using this device to draw is quite satisfactory. Moreover, this device can move the pointer Windows smoothly. Kids Designer Stylus does not detect the pen pressure to control the thick and thin lines when drawing. However, for use by children, it is not too important.

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Easy to use, cute design, and provides a application packages that fun for kids are three powers of this Genius product. The battery compartment is also made secure to avoid easily opened by children. Unfortunately heavy weight of this devices makes it not easily carried by children.


Area of work/touch 5 inches x 8 inches
button Volume up/volume down/enter
resolution 2580 LPI
connectors USB 2.0
Report Rate (max.) 125 points/sec
accuracy 0.25 mm
Supported Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7
sales package – Kids Designer II tablet
– Cordless Pen
– Software Kids Designer II
– 1 AAA battery
– Manual/Quick Guide sheet
weight 646 grams
Dimensions (LWH) 38 x 24.4 x 1.2
Price (range)* U.S. $ 69
genius kids designer ii performance review drawing tablet for kids 1 2Application bonus
The nice thing about this product is a bonus proprietary application that is included in the sales package. Inside there are many fun activities for kids.
genius kids designer ii performance review drawing tablet for kids 3 2

Battery compartment
Battery compartment deliberately hidden in stylus Kids Designer. You need a small Phillips screwdriver to open the bolt on the back of the stylus.

genius kids designer ii performance review drawing tablet for kids 2 2

Function Keys
Three function buttons placed on the left side of the device. Use to adjust the volume up and down. Star shaped button replaces the mouse right-click function.


Plus: Interesting design for children; easy installation without drivers; exciting activity bonus for children.

Minus: the overall weight a bit heavy; recalibration facilities are not available.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4
 - Facilities: 4
 - Ease: 4.2
 - Price: 4.2
 - Total Score: 4.08

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