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  • benefits of using cloud technology in commercial businesses

    The benefits of incorporating cloud technology into commercial businesses are many. These are cost-effectiveness, business continuity, environmental friendliness, and accessibility. Let’s take a look at these benefits.  Cost-Effectiveness Of Cloud Technology The cost-effectiveness of incorporating cloud technology into commercial businesses is critical for many reasons. The first is the ease of integrating cloud services into the data footprint of an enterprise. However, many enterprises engage in cloud deployments without clearly…

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  • how do i set up a cassandra cluster?

    4 Easy Steps How Do I Set Up a Cassandra Cluster? This article covers Cassandra clusters’ installation process and configuration. You will learn how to configure a cluster, create a primary key, and connect to the cluster using nodetool. It will also show you how to use nodetool to manage the cluster. You can start by viewing the installation guide, specifically the Kubernetes guide to set up a sample Cassandra…

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  • features of managed switches

    4 Features of Managed Switches. Managed switches are an excellent choice for businesses that require tighter control over their network traffic. With the ability to filter and forward traffic, managed switches can help to reduce congestion while also monitoring traffic. Listed below are some of the features of managed switches. If you’re looking for ethernet switches for your business, read on to discover the benefits of managed switches. This article…

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  • important things to look for in a game server host

    It’s no secret that gamers demand a lot when it comes to their server’s performance and the support team behind it. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, you want a game server host that can really deliver. You don’t want to deal with lag during your game or have to fight for resources with other gamers. But how exactly do you find the right game server host? The global…

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  • network solutions logo 2

    Currently, developing your business especially in selling stuffs through online (e-commerce solution) is one way to increase profits and sales of your company’s products to valuable customers as well as expanding indefinitely marketing area with little risk and a relatively low costs. Making online store that is safe, reliable, simple, and flexible is not an easy job. For that, online store creation services from Network Solutions comes as a solution…

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  • oracle nosql database 2 0 optimizing database corporate cnwintech 2

    To develop innovative data management technology portfolio, Oracle announced the launch of their latest product Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0. The new database has the ability to measure low latency, database key-value for real-time big data workloads increasingly exploded. NoSQL technologies equipped with various features to solve data spike problems and have the appropriate technology that can support storage and large size objects request in storage allocations and quickly calculates source…

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  • eleven2 cnwintech 2

    As one of the world leading hosting provider, eleven2 constantly innovating and exciting breakthrough for many consumers to meet the user needs. Although this hosting company was founded in 2003, about more than 100 thousand websites have managed by eleven2 servers, and this will continue to grow quickly over time. All servers and data centers spread at several strategic points in world to meet all customer requirements regarding reliable and…

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  • benefits of implementing content central on organization

    The Benefits of Implementing Content Central on Organization. Organize documents is not an easy thing. Every day, you are dealing with a computer or laptop is definitely not directly interact with various types of documents. Types of documents such as word documents, excel, PowerPoint slideshow, PDF, templates, and others in large quantities will make you overwhelmed in handling and managing it. However, currently available online document handling services where not…

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  • ademero document management software review performance

    The Ademero Document Management Software Review. Do you ever feel overwhelmed in managing your documents based on content and the appropriate category for the survival and continuity of your business? The solution to such problems is to use a service provider that proper document management system to manage all your business documents. Ademero is a complete service provider of document management systems for all businesses of any size scale. By…

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  • guide netapp for cloud

    The total volume of data and information generated from big data, as well as high-performance applications, continues to increase sharply. The Company is required to store, manage, analyze, and protect their data. The company’s ability to manage can be a differentiating factor between winning the competition or falling behind. Therefore, the decision taken to determine the platform or enterprise storage solutions that are used as the foundation of the IT…

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