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    Currently, developing your business especially in selling stuffs through online (e-commerce solution) is one way to increase profits and sales of your company’s products to valuable customers as well as expanding indefinitely marketing area with little risk and a relatively low costs. Making online store that is safe, reliable, simple, and flexible is not an easy job. For that, online store creation services from Network Solutions comes as a solution…

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    To develop innovative data management technology portfolio, Oracle announced the launch of their latest product Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0. The new database has the ability to measure low latency, database key-value for real-time big data workloads increasingly exploded. NoSQL technologies equipped with various features to solve data spike problems and have the appropriate technology that can support storage and large size objects request in storage allocations and quickly calculates source…

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    As one of the world leading hosting provider, eleven2 constantly innovating and exciting breakthrough for many consumers to meet the user needs. Although this hosting company was founded in 2003, about more than 100 thousand websites have managed by eleven2 servers, and this will continue to grow quickly over time. All servers and data centers spread at several strategic points in world to meet all customer requirements regarding reliable and…

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    The total volume of data and information generated from big data, as well as high-performance applications, continues to increase sharply. The Company is required to store, manage, analyze, and protect their data. The company’s ability to manage can be a differentiating factor between winning the competition or falling behind. Therefore, the decision taken to determine the platform or enterprise storage solutions that are used as the foundation of the IT…

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    TE Connectivity has just launched its newest product line, QUAREO. Adopt the technology patented connection point, Quareo brings the ability to track, monitor, and electronically authenticate all connections from the data center to the desktop. QUAREO connector has a chip technology that provides a “connection point identification” to record in the real-time status of each of the fiber network connection points that can be accessed by network management systems upstream.…

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    There are thousands of web hosting companies in the industry. Yes, choosing a good and reliable web hosting is a real hard task job, you may find there are so many web hosting reviews website, but almost all of the web hosting reviews websites cannot deliver the best web hosting to the webmasters, they just want to earn cash via their affiliate links. But at these web hosting reviews, they…

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    In this article, I will demonstrate technique how to password-protect a directory for every IP except the one specified, and for the reverse case along with a wide variety of other useful password-protection tricks, including a few from htaccess tricks article. Before getting into the juicy stuff, we’ll talk a few basics of HTAccess password protection. Which version of Apache you used In each of the examples below, the directives…

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    I’ve bought a new VPS Server in the past for hosting some of my sites, setting up new VPS is not easy as you think, but if you need tutorial step by steps for help on setting up a VPS or dedicated server, so I thought I would go ahead and make a guide on how to set one up from start to finish to cover all of the bases.…

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