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9 Tips for Implementing Cloud Governance Best Practices

Cloud governance challenges and best practices: How to implement cloud governance?

The cloud governance best practices enable optimizing cloud performance and costs while ensuring compliance. They also establish safeguards for any cloud-related events affecting finance, operations, or security.

First, identify your priorities and establish a game plan to control costs. Cost management controls and tools should be implemented early in the governance maturation journey.

Identify Your Priorities

As you plan your cloud governance implementation, it’s essential to prioritize your efforts. It includes understanding your organization’s needs, which will impact the capabilities you need to implement and automate best practices.

For example, if cost is a priority for your organization, ensure that your policies provide ways to manage costs across cloud deployments and platforms. It will help you balance adoption pacing, performance demands, and costs while ensuring security compliance.

Create a Monitoring Plan

As you go about implementing cloud governance best practices, it’s essential to monitor your progress. It includes:

  • Regularly reviewing your policies and procedures.
  • Conducting audits of your cloud computing environment.
  • Watching the effectiveness of your security and privacy controls.

A good monitoring plan should include information that managers want to know. For example, it might identify trends in system performance or configuration changes that trigger management responses. A monitoring plan is a critical step in the cloud governance process. It leads you through problem identification, the development of essential questions, and a rigorous sampling design.

A robust monitoring strategy also helps ensure that your cloud investments remain on track and are not wasted.

To monitor your efforts, create a centralized dashboard and use tools that provide a holistic view of your infrastructure. It is beneficial for large and distributed cloud environments.

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Create a Game Plan

Defining a game plan is a great way to prioritize your efforts and ensure you take the most effective steps to achieve your goals. It helps you to understand how your organization can move forward with your cloud transition.

Start with your most pressing priorities and work from there. These include compliance, security, and cost management, among others.

Define Your Scope

Project scope is a vital aspect to consider. It helps you prioritize your efforts and avoid any unnecessary overruns in the long run. Define your scope early and invest the time required to do it right. It will save you money and time in the long run!

Cloud custodians and guardians typically begin as governance volunteers who quickly learn how to align their efforts to well-structured corporate policy. Their actions then become a focus for the entire IT team.

Establish Guardrails

Whether you’re an organization just starting on its cloud journey or already have an established set of policies, it’s essential to establish guardrails and monitor your progress.

As the cloud evolves, statutory requirements change or business objectives are amended to meet dynamic marketplace demands, and your guardrails must be repositioned as necessary.

Policy-driven automation and a policy-based monitoring tool can help you apply guardrails to user activity and automatically trigger an approval workflow when a user attempts to launch an unsanctioned service that violates a governance policy.

Create a Reporting Plan

As your cloud governance strategy progresses, you need to measure its success. To do that, develop a plan for tracking KPIs and monitoring your progress regularly.

Start by identifying the business goals you want to achieve by implementing cloud governance best practices. Then, use those goals as a guide for determining your program’s right metrics and KPIs.

Once you have these goals, work with your team to create a reporting plan. It will help you keep track of your progress and adjust your policies, processes, and tools as needed.

Create an Enforcement Plan

The cloud enables the speed and agility businesses need to compete in today’s environment. But it also creates risks that must be mitigated through governance best practices.

To achieve this, a complete governance solution provides programmatic controls for all aspects of cloud management, like accounts, costs, identity and access, and compliance.

It helps avoid the hidden costs of manually tracking cloud resources, preventing budget overruns and non-compliant activities. It also saves time to focus on mission-delivering business results.

Create a Compliance Plan

As compliance becomes increasingly essential for cloud-based business models, establishing a clear plan to monitor and enforce your efforts will help ensure your organization meets its requirements.

A good plan identifies the personnel, tools, and processes responsible for ensuring compliance and conducting necessary audits.

It also provides a roadmap for building your cloud governance program with specific industry and government regulations in mind. It will streamline your preparation for compliance audits and help you meet those requirements more efficiently.

Create a Budget

When implementing cloud governance best practices, you’ll need to set a budget for your efforts. It will help you manage costs and avoid overspending. The proper budget will be able to monitor your efforts and adjust them as needed.

This budget will also include cost trends that can influence the performance and use of your cloud services. It will ensure that you consistently deliver the performance and cost-effectiveness your business requires.

tips for implementing cloud governance best practices

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