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Testing to Destruction — How Environmental Testing Works

The products in your home go through a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure they will withstand whatever is thrown at it. These could be both inside and outside conditions. By doing this, manufacturers are able to certify their products are long-lasting.

Destruction Testers

Instead of testing within their own locations, some manufacturers rely on outside organizations to perform their environmental simulation test. These companies, Curtis-Straus among them, perform a primary operation to complete quality assurance programs. They test the products to destruction.

They don’t do this for the enjoyment of the process. Rather, they do so to see how much a product can handle before it breaks or completely falls apart. In turn, this helps the manufacturer see where changes are required to extend the life of their product.

Hot and Cold

Because not every product sits in a space at room temperature, one of the tests they perform is subjecting an item to extreme changes. Thus, it’s placed in a room that may be extremely hot or cold. The heat will tell what parts may stop working or even melt while the cold determines failed operations due to the accumulation of ice crystals.

Wet and Dry

In addition to extremes in temperature, products are pushed to the limit in environments that range from arid to humid. For example, chemicals are applied to see if the item is fungus or mold resistant in humid environments. Dirt and dust are blown into the room to check on the product’s anti-rust capabilities. The same is done by simulating a water-based environment filled with salt spray and fog.


For products used outside of the home, say, outer space, additional tests are conducted. They determine how much solar radiation, intense vibrations, and a dramatic shift in pressure an object can take before it completely falls apart. This type of test is extremely important to determine how satellite or space station parts can handle the rigors of a long period outside of the atmosphere. In the end, these tests save lives.

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