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A business is a big investment of time and money. A good return is essential to keeping a business running. Whether you have a new business start-up, one that is doing just so-so, or you want to breathe some new life into an older one, there are a few things that you can do. The following guidelines may help give you some ideas.

Stay Visible

The first thing a business needs to do is gain visibility in the public eye. There are many places a logo or sign can go to gain attention from passers-by. Billboards that can be seen from the highway are a great way to draw in business from a distance, and signage on a more local level can remind customers to support local business. Point-of-sale signs are critical for pinpointing the location and drawing on-site customers.


Television advertisements can be humorous, eye-catching, tell a story or be very serious. Catching people’s attention appropriately is critical. An ad that has some memorable quality, such as an interesting character, continuing storyline or a good soundtrack, can remain in someone’s thoughts. Whether you encourage a customer to go to website, a YouTube video channel or social media, the advertising is a success. One thing that needs to be avoided is to create boring or ho-hum advertising, as that is a waste of your advertising dollar.


Make sure that signage, advertising and websites not only entertain or capture interest but also give a potential customer as much information about your product as possible. Organize information such that it is easily found and answers anticipated questions, such as pricing, returns and customer service. Some of these could be placed in a frequently asked questions section.

Helping potential clientele or customers understand clearly what they can expect from your product or services is critical to sustaining and growing your business. Making sure you have adequately covered the areas above can help bring about that outcome.

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