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K-World SP800 Performance Review, Multipurpose

k world sp800 performance review multipurpose 2

Not only serves as a multimedia player, this player can also be used to perform various interesting activities. Popularity of Android operating system indeed currently become the most popular. Not just in mobile devices, home devices such as media player also already equipped with such operating system in order to increase the attractiveness and features ability. K-World SP800 are one of them.

This player uses Android 2.3.4 version that has been modified. This modification reflected in the standard media player interface. Inside, of course already installed several applications to support functions such as media player video and music player, e-book reader, and file explorer. Interestingly, in addition to default Google applications available market (Google Play Store), there are two more alternative market applications derived from this product.

In terms of connectivity, the SP800 has an analog audio output or digital RCA (composite and optical). While in terms of video, there is analog option YPbPr and HDMI. There are also two USB ports that supporting mouse and keyboard usage. Interestingly, on the side, there is a SATA port so you can connect the hard disk into this device. As for access to a network, you can use normal LAN cable or wireless LAN that already integrated inside player.

SP800 fairly reliable when dealing with a variety of multimedia files. Almost all types of files that we tested on this device can be played without problems. The good, if you are using HDMI as the output, you can select the resolution, 720p or 1080p. Unfortunately the resolution is not used entirely by its Android system. The resolution is only effective when you play a video. While the display on the screen itself is not filled but smaller.

We try to make the process of benchmarking standard Android to test its capabilities. The resulting score was not very high considering the components used are not upscale. GPU is apparently unable to handle 1080p resolution for a score Nenamark 2 only reached 6.5 fps. But in general applications that we downloaded can work well in this player.

K-World SP800 is one exciting player. The author called this device as a media center. The reason, because in addition to functioning as a player, this device can also be fitted with various applications to enhance the functionality and capabilities.


Support Resolution 720p (HD)/1080p (Full HD)
chipset Amlogic MESON-M1 8726M
Chipset clock speed 1.5 GHz
Hard Drive
Port Data 2x USB, 1x SATA
multimedia ports HDMI, YPbPr, RCA Audio, S/PDIF
File Systems FAT; EXT2; NTFS
network 10/100Mbps LAN, Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Images Format JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Dimensions (LWH) 16 x 16 x 4 cm
Weight 380 grams
Website www.kworld-global.com
Price (range)*
k world sp800 performance review multipurpose 2 2Rows of connectors
Fairly complete to address the various needs of input/output ports.
k world sp800 performance review multipurpose 3 2

1available ads room - 728x90

Provided for connection to the internal hard drive, very useful


Plus: wide codec support, Android based, compact design

Minus: Browsing system and navigation less smooth

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4
 - Facilities: 4.25
 - Ease: 3.75
 - Price: -
 - Total score: 4

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