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New Dimensions of Virtualization

cnwintech vdivdm diagram

That morning, nothing has changed from Paul routines. He had arrived at his office at 8 o’clock, relax briefly by reading the newspaper sipping his coffee favorite, before later turning on the computer.

Shortly after the computer is on, then he realized: it was the day first to use View 5, solutions VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) from VMware. That is, the entire operating system and data from a computer in front of him stored centrally in the data center, no longer on the hard disk of a computer every employee.

Paul actually expects a drastic change, but apparently not. The main display computers still using Windows 7, even with the responsiveness that feels more hurried. The entire important data that can be accessed owned by Paul in My Document. Paul also easily add additional application by going to My Application portal.

That demonstration is shown of VMware in an event called vForum 2011-an an annual event held by VMware to demonstrate their latest solutions. vForum itself implemented in various regions of the world, one in Singapore, beginning last November. CnwinTech had a chance to cover the event which was attended by approximately 1000 participants.

The demonstration basically wanted to show how VDI can now be applied without reducing the comfort of the user (in this case Paul). With a display like a regular computer as well as the ease of adding applications, a novice user can operate a “virtual computer” without difficulty. “For indeed the main purpose of the IT solution is to make people more productive,” said Steve Harrod, Chief Technology Officer of VMware.

On the other hand, the solution also allows IT-administrators to control network operations. Because all applications and data within the data center, the company has complete control of all important data has, including how to protect it from unauthorized parties. In the event of natural disasters, companies are also more prepared to run a disaster recovery scenario because all data resides in one place.

What is also interesting, VMware solutions are not just about virtualization, but also the ease of work anywhere using any device. Departing from an initiative called Project Horizon, VMware now has a solution that enables synchronization of data from the virtual computer to mobile phones and other mobile devices.

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As shown in the demo, Paul can access all documents on the office computer via the iPad. In fact, he could edit an Excel file via a browser without requiring additional applications.

That’s a bit of technology that VMware is shown at the event vForum 2011 some time ago. If you want to know the other VMware technologies that drive productivity, see the article on CnwinTech in December 2011.

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