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Razer Hydra, with Sixsense Technology Motion Control

At this time motion control is an important part in the games console, games consoles like the Wii, Xbox Kinect, or PlayStation. Razer is a company that producing gaming peripherals for the game lovers, who had previously been issued a motion control on the Xbox game console, the Razer Onza. Now Razer again presents the motion control a pretty unique and different from the motion control in general, the Razer Hydra which is supported by Sixsense technology.

Form and design of motion control devices Razer Hydra is quite interesting, looks like Nintendo’s Wii motion controls in which only grasped with one hand, but on the Razer Hydra there is an analogue that is used for navigation.

Along with the Hydra Base Station that is round with a spherical Sixsense sensors at the top, used as a counter location and receiver of motion orientation on the motion controls in hand.

Each analog motion control has an ergonomic thumb used to navigate in the game, with four action buttons and a button to trigger rapid fire.

While on front there are two bumper buttons that can be used to make shots in the game, because action button practically the easiest and quickest to press.

Motion control on the Razer Hydra uses a braided cables, so you do not have to worry about tangled easily when you save it.

Interface used to connect the Razer Hydra motion control with its Base Station using the USB interface.

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