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Calibre X560 DF Testbed

Calibre is known as a manufacturer of premium-class graphics card. In addition, some models come with the card is also pre-overclocked speed with high-performance certainly. Calibre also provide a different cooling design to support the performance and appeal of his cards. The third advantage is the reason why the card from Calibre are so favored by the enthusiast.


cnwintech calibre gtx 560 df 01

  • Calibre GTX 560 DF using aluminum heatsink with dual fans (DF).

cnwintech calibre gtx 560 df 02

  • Display full output interface makes it easy for you to choose your screen.

cnwintech calibre gtx 560 df 03

  • There is Two 6-pin port as an interface for this card resource.

cnwintech calibre gtx 560 df 04

  • Luxury Mono cooler technology is claimed to produce better heat dissipation area.

cnwintech calibre gtx 560 df 05
Unfortunately, Calibre does not provide an HDMI cable in the sales package card.


cnwintech gpu z

cnwintech 3dmark 2011
3DMark 11 Score with default CPU and GPU clock speed.

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Just Cause 2 (DX10, default preset)
1280x1024: 74,33 FPS (avg)
1920x1080: 59,50 FPS (avg)
Crysis 2 (DX 11, default preset, Central Park)
1280x1024: 8,8 FPS (min), 21,5 FPS (avg)
1920x1080: 53,3 FPS (min), 35,6 FPS (avg)
Temp= Idle: 27 °c | Load: 59°c*
*MSI Kombustor, default preset, 1080p



cnwintech 3dmark 2011 oc
At room temp 23 °C, the card is able to be driven up to 975/2400 MHz. Won with a score above 4 GHz CPU clock.


Calibre GTX 560 DF not only look nice, but it also has high performance. Yes, it is only natural because the card comes pre-overclocked with good overclocking capabilities. Perceived advantages of a card fitting made by Calibre.

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