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Best of New Release Casio Watches August 2020 List

Many Series are Coming This Month, Quad Carbon G-Shock, Compact Protrek, Metal Edifice, etc.

Story Highlights
  • Casio leverages superior technologies and innovation to create products which deliver new value by meeting the latent needs of customers. This months with the new watches release.

Casio Watches August 2020 release, I love Casio watch and I’m gonna need to spend on G Shock and reviewing it for you considering of how many models that will be coming out on August 2020, however my money so tight you know considering the price as well, so now let’s talk about some models that are I don’t think I’ll be able to purchase regardless of how much I wanted it.

1. Casio G-Shock GA-110 JDB


The ga-110 JDB, the collaboration with G Shock and Dragon Ball Z, based on the ga-110 model that previously existed in the series. in this case orange and gold colorway to represent a color theme of the specific manga or anime series. I’ve been a fan of Dragon Ball even when I was a kid reading all this manga all episodes. Anyway, this model will cost you 26400 Japanese yen which is expensive enough for a basic model with only prints on them.

Of course, there are several more details included on the watch face but still, this is based on the basic model. But the price for this thing has already gone up in double in the aftermarket, so if you’re interested in getting one of these, don’t expect to pay this retail price anymore, you’re going to end up paying the resale price.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Dragon Ball Z Special Edition

2. Casio G-Shock GM-110/110G

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 10

Now moving on to other ga110 types of G-Shock that we all could afford at least you’re still going to be quite expensive, but at least we could still easily get them somewhere at retail price point being the new GM-110 in three colorways. You can see in the pictures we’ll have full black, silver black and black with rainbow accents in the face, and black gold colorway.

So these three models just proved to us that Casio is listening to our request, and that is what I like about this model. For example, okay look at the watch band on these three models, instead of using the proprietary type of watch band that only specifically fit a GA-110, this time it’s different, it seems to me like a silicon-based watchband which pretty common on the market today. So I’m guessing looking for parts will be a lot easier today in comparison to before, that’s number one.

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 11cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 7

Number two is the LED light, a normal GA-110 like in Orange color of Dragonball version before what came in amber orange is what people have been complaining all the time and now a casual change is white LED finally after like almost 10 years, right, and now Casio change that and that is a good thing as well.

They didn’t just stop there, they also upgraded the bezel to metal components. Well, this metal bezel has already existed way back I believe almost 5 years on third-party products, but this is originally made by Casio to fit probably to their own design. Of course, the price will increase, in this case, 26400 Japanese yen for the silver ones, 29700 Japanese yen for the black with the rainbow accents, and the golden black will be the same price point as well.

This model will be released somewhere in the middle of the month, so I think I still have time to order them, and unbox them somewhere at the end of August I hope. Now, these three models won’t be having the speed measurement capabilities anymore, so that is the only thing that you’re missing. But you’re getting a better watch band much more comfortable.

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I hope LED light, and even the movement in there is totally different. It’s meaning you can’t just buy a two-party metal bezel and insert them on your G-Shock because that didn’t change anything due to you don’t need to change that y-shaped faceplate as well, it’s different, even the movement is totally different, it works in a different way so it is technically a new watch that looks like a previously-released model.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: 110 Black Metal | 110 Gold Metal | 110 Silver Metal

3. Casio G-Shock GRB-200, the Gravity Master

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 17

Moving on to another model that kind of applies a similar concept, this is the GRB 200 the Gravity Master model for the first time ever has four sensors built-in. I cannot recall when was the last time a Gravity Master has plenty of sensors, not triple sensors. So this is a new step up for function-wise and I got to say the design is exactly similar to the GGB 100 Mudmaster Quad Sensor Carbon Core G-Shock watch that was released, I believe last year right.

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 12cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 14

So anyway this is the same thing again, I 100% sure that this design is inspired by that model, if not being recycled from that model just by looking at the bottom placement how it works the functions except the watch face, the interface is slightly different.

But those are just designs, you could easily change them, it still has a second hour minutes hands, three buttons for compass and altimeter access, they’re connected for the Bluetooth functions and are also being placed in the same exact location as the previous generation, even the price is roughly the same.

So if you haven’t bought the GGB 100 yet, Perhaps go with this GRB-200 because it looks much bolder, much more rugged in my opinion which really got my interest even though it still didn’t have the solar panel that people have been requesting for months. I don’t think Casio will be adding that into this watch especially at this price point of 46000 Japanese Yen only.

So if Casio were to add a solar panel in these three models, these series will instantly kill and cannibalize all of their other masters of G Series. So no way that’s from a business point of view, that is not a wise thing to do even though it is the best thing to do.

But this type has three models will be releasing at the end of August, meaning if I were to buy one I’m going to end up unboxing this in September which means I better off wait and see what September’s model comes out and then decide whether this is a good purchase or not.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Black Carbon Pilot | Orange Carbon Pilot | Blue Carbon Pilot

4. Casio G-Shock GA-900 Series

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 18

Moving on to model set up pretty sure I’m gonna get definitely this GA 900 series. Oh boy, you can see the pictures, this thing looks incredibly good especially at a price point of 16500 Japanese yen for the black and yellow, black and orange version will be 17600 Japanese yen, slightly more expensive, full black version with the grey display will be at 20900 Japanese Yen.

So these three models work pretty basics didn’t have any sensors, no solar panel, no wave sensor, whatsoever. So this is just for fashion wear I guess. Casio includes a cloth band instead of in this watch and that orange one. And if you pick up the black you’ll also get an interchangeable strap as well which is incredible marketing.

You get the resin one and you also get the cloth band as well, and that is what I’m aiming to get. I’ll get this and review for you guys because the release date for these three models will be somewhere in the first week of August so I think I have time to order it in the same month as well.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Yellow Bolt | Orange Bolt | Black Bolt

5. Casio G-Shock G-Steel GST B300 Series

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 26

Now, moving on to other models which I’m thinking about getting as well, the G-Steel GST B300 and new upgraded models. So from what I could see this is not an upgrade for the GST B100 but more of an upgrade from the GSD B200, this one has more rugged appearance a combination of GSD B200 and the GST B100.

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 27

Although I still prefer them to release a full analog version but seems to me like they aren’t doing that. I’m just looking at it, it looks exactly the same as the GST B200 with the position of the sub-dial and the position of the LCD display as well. Yeah, I guess they’re just the same models but with a different design, different appearance as well, a similar concept like GRB 200 or the GM 110, they’re still based on the same models but with slightly different in design or just modifications.

Anyway, this one is a resin band with resin front bezel, they still have metal on the sides but the front bezel will come in resin material at 44000 Japanese Yen. But if you prefer the front resin bezel to be in metal instead, you’re gonna increase the price for about five thousand yen and get this one GST B300s, you’ll now get the same thing with metal stainless steel bezel instead of resin, but still with a resin watchband.

But if you are one of those guys who don’t like resin bands, Casio also released this one a full metal version, metal bracelet, metal bezel with a slightly more expensive price, of course, this is the GST B300 SD. So just band change, band swap at slightly basically fifty bucks extra price point.

If you prefer all of the resin band, and if you want a metal band, and if you want a cloth band, get this one over the GST B300E – 5 AJR. They include extra interchangeable bands for you right from the box and that is also a good thing as well. I mean most people who buy this G-Shock watch will end up changing the band anywhere.

But since Casio already includes them in the box you know right away that the quality is there. It is built to integrate with lux structure made by Casio g-shock itself, meaning you could rest assured that the toughness is there, more of a customizable watch if you ask me.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Full Metal GSteel | Metal GSteel | Resin GSteel | Custom Metal GSteel

6. Casio G-Shock GST B100RS

The next thing is a GST B100rs Rui Hachimura collaborations in gold, and a black-red color watchband, from what I can see the price is 68200 Japanese yen. I guess this is one of the fans if you like the athlete then going overhead. I’m not a fan, so I’m just gonna pass on this watch although the color itself looks nice, it looks great, but anyway I’m good to settle down with the basic GST B100 in black and silver, I’m cool with that model.

Not too much need for me to upgrade to this one, but yeah this is more for the fans thing if you like the athlete you know like I already said get the watch to support him in such. Anyway, those are all the things that I could say about this G-Shock category for August 2020, let’s move it on to another quickly.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Rui Hachimura Fans Special Edition

7. Casio G-Shock BGA 270

Okay, we have a BGA 270 in red jelly material and also transparent clear colorway, the price will be 14850 Yen and also a new BG D560, I believe this is a 20 bar water resistant Baby-G final mistaken, in purple translucent and translucent black as well. Well, nothing to complain here, the price is fair only around 100 bucks I’m guessing you could buy one a lot cheaper than that.

There’s also BGT 570 instead of 550, instead of 560, now 570 also based on the classic G-Shock watch, except it’s smaller in size and the price is still the same as the square so. There’s another one, the BGT 570 in white and rose gold, full resin material.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Red Skeleton Baby-G | Clear Skeleton Baby-G | Purple Skeleton Baby-G | Black Skeleton Baby-G | Black 570 Baby-G | White 570 Baby-G

8. Casio G-Shock PRW 3D Series

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 47

Okay next is a new protrek model Casio already announced this only a few months back, but nowhere it is the PRW3D, a small size version as well from an already existing full digital protrek watch at only 44000 Japanese Yen plus tax already.

Another one in ten bars or brown with silver bezel, blue silver bezel. Yeah, this blue one is somehow priced a bit more, I’m guessing there is an extra interchangeable strap included as well. This one over there will be all black which looks incredible looks much more rugged in my opinion, and another this one is in olive. So this just color preferences.

They all have triple sensors, multiband 6, and solar-powered as well, obviously like any protrek they’re also 10 bar water resistant only, not twenty bars so keep that in mind.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Black 30 Protrek | Brown 30 Protrek | Special Blue 30 Protrek | Olive 30 Protrek | Blacked Out 30 Protrek

9. Casio Edifice EQB 1100 Series

Next model is Casio Edifice, I’m not really familiar with this lineup so I’m not sure if this is a new model or old model but it looks like a new one to me, the EQB 1100 YD and YDC DC in silver, another one is ion-plated to Black at $49,000 Silver version and 60500 Japanese Yen for the black ones, this will be solar-powered and Bluetooth equipped watch.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Silver Solar Edifice | Black Solar Edifice

10. Casio Sport Gear WV M60R

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 54cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 55

Next are Casio sports gear, affordable options, and only 55 bucks I guess probably cheaper than that the WV M60R. I have a feeling that I already saw this before but I’m not sure what’s the difference, probably I’m going to look back, but this is a new model according to its official website.

This is just a regular sports watch with feature stopwatch and such, and multiband 5. I don’t know why Casio still releases multiband 5, it’s already 2020 but for that price point I shouldn’t be complaining you know.

Don’t miss, buy Casio Watches August 2020 using the link below: Black waveceptor gear | Gold waveceptor gear

11. Casio Wall Clock

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 56

Last but not least is Casio wall clock, haven’t been seeing this in a while, and only 3,500 Japanese yen. This is IQ 481J in green, there’s another one in blue and I want a slightly slicker more modern version. I guess if it’s just square hands for the hour, minutes, and seconds, maybe I should get one of these though.

IQ 482J-1 in black, another one in gray yeah 8J that would be great, maybe I should get one of these to hang in the wall in CnwinTech Lab room and the studio I guess somewhere, it’s quite heavy and quite big and sure why not figure a view about this watch, I’m gonna get one of these the IQ 428J – 1JF for number one.

cnwintech best new release casio watches august 2020 57

Number two I’m gonna get the GM 110 series because if one of us can the release date will be quiet early, so I could have time to unbox it GM 110B – 1 AG, full black and GA 110E – 183G is full black with the green display. So that’s my pick for this month and I’ll update back to you once this arrives after I place my order and search.

And for now, if you are thinking about getting any one of these I’ll try to find a purchase link there, usually be available quite late more than months but I’ll include something else in the article post just for you to check something that is closely similar to all these watches that’s already in this list. Also, don’t forget to visit our store to check out the New Casio watches August 2020 release, you can also purchase there when it already available.

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