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G-Shock GX-56BB-1DR Full Performance Review, Best in Class

Unboxing The King of G-Shock Watch

Inside The Box G-Shock GX-56BB-1DR

This time at CnwinTech Labs I will be unboxing and reviewing the King of G-Shock GX-56BB-1DR like what the features were offered. Okay, we just unboxed and we will discuss the watch, seen in the photo above in the box there is an International warranty card, then there is a manual book or module with number 3221, then inside, of course, there is a box containing the watch.

Design & Body Details

g-shock gx-56bb-1dr review

Now we can see the details of the watch from Casio g-shock gx-56bb-1dr. This series is usually called the King of G-Shock model. This is the largest G-Shock ever produced by Casio and is one of the most popular types of g-shock. Casio relaunched this legendary watch for the first time in 2010. The gx-56bb has a classic design like the g-shock 5600 watch, but of course, it’s almost double the size of the dw5600 series.

The dimensions of this watch have a diameter of 53.6 mm and for its own thickness which is 17.5 mm. Although the dimensions of this watch are quite large but for its weight which is only 88 grams. So this is a watch that is light enough for everyday use even though its dimensions are quite large where the extensive use of resin as the main ingredient in this watch will certainly make it much lighter than a watch that uses stainless steel.

cnwintech full review g shock gx 56bb 1dr 9

G-Shock gx-56bb-1dr Features

This watch is equipped with a buckle with 2 hooks like the picture. So for the strap hole, there are also two like this so it makes it far safer than the single would be like a normal watch so of course, this will give a tighter grip on our wrists.

Interestingly, this gx56 series is the first g-shock model which has an alpha gel G Shock absorber around this watch module so that it will make it resistant to shocks. This alpha gel is also commonly used in Running Shoes because of its ability to absorb shock very well so that the technology applied to this watch is very capable.

The gx56 has a bezel that is resistant to mud, which means that this watch is completely covered with resin on its top and sides. You can see in the photo above where the dial here is made much thicker than the display so that this watch is far safer to keep dust and other particles from entering the watch’s machine.

Then for its own water resistance that is up to 200 meters which means it is indeed safe to use for swimming so this watch is very well suited for use even though outdoor activities.

This series also has a Tough solar feature where the Tough solar feature converts light as an energy source on this watch so that it will ensure the operation of this watch is stable even under conditions of considerable energy use on some functions and features of this watch.

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The uses of Tough Solar are also much more efficient for you to use compared to watches that still use the usual Quartz Movement, where you only need to use only light whether it’s sunlight or room light, these watches already save energy so much more efficient to use. You do not need to mutually replace the battery in a short time. The use of solar panels will provide power continuously when exposed to light, such as sunlight for example.

cnwintech full review g shock gx 56bb 1dr 14

Equipped with 4 buttons with a modern design, so that it will add a strong, manly, and very modern impression to this watch. Here we can see this watch in normal time mode, this watch also has a day, month, and date feature. The time zone that is displayed can be selected via the time mode, for the mode on the pictures we can immediately see where there is a stopwatch, there is a timer, there is an ordinary time display, there is a World time, there is an alarm.

For other specifications, we can see next, where for the full case using resin and the bezel is also seen using resin to the strap. Of course, as I mentioned before, this watch is equipped with alpha gel so that it is certainly resistant to shocks, for the glass itself here still uses mineral glass. But the use of mineral glass on the watch will certainly make the display much clearer than the use of other glass.

This watch is resistant to dirt such as mud and also has a water system of up to 200 meters. Then for the world time, it seems to have 31 time zones consisting of 48 cities. For the backlight, the lights appear on the pointer numbers like in the picture below.

The stopwatch measurement capacity is up to 23 hours 59 minutes so that it has been almost 24 hours. It can measure Countdown timers for up to 24 hours as well and has a daily alarm feature of up to 5 alarms.

This watch also has a battery level indicator here you can check below there are L: low, M: medium, H: high.

cnwintech full review g shock gx 56bb 1dr 23

Here you can see in the minutes there is a bottom line, in the photo the line is in M, meaning that the battery is currently at medium level. This watch also has an automatic calendar until 2099 and you can also activate the 12 or 24-hour time format mode. For its own accuracy, this watch has an accuracy of plus and minus 15 seconds in one month.

Well maybe that’s all about the review discussion of the King g-shock watch at the CnwinTech labs, for those of you who are interested in having this watch immediately, you can immediately check the link here or click the buy button below.


Design - 90%
Display - 85%
Performance - 85%
Features & Utilities - 90%
Connectivities - 0%
Battery - 80%
Price - 70%


Very Good

Another affordable good watch from Casio with a clear dial, reading easily and convenient, Generous Men's Charm. Very stylish and have good features. No connectivity to other devices since this is not a smartwatch class.Shop Now!

User Rating: 4.23 ( 2 votes)

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Casio G-Shock

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