Performance Review: Maximize Creativity with Samsung Galaxy Note II

 Price: U.S. $ 737 - U.S. $ 789


Galaxy Note II is phablet (phone tablet) android extremely fast, supports multiple applications that optimize S-Pen usage so users can pour its creations from this device. Devices with phablet class are suitable for making working mobile with its multitasking features and also suitable for the designers with S-Pen and its features.

Galaxy Note II, “Phablet” (Phone Tablet) introduced by Samsung on the Samsung Galaxy Note II World Tour in some country, already officially sold in my country last October. Galaxy fame series “Note” was started since Samsung Galaxy Note first issued in 2011, and continued by the launch of Galaxy Note 10.1 in August.

Here’s full review  Samsung Galaxy Note II.


Dimension 80.5 mm x 151.1 mm x 9.4 mm
180 grams
screen 5.5″ (140.9 mm) HD Super AMOLED
1280 x 720 pixels
267 ppi
Gorilla Glass
processor Quad Core 1.6 GHz Samsung Exynos
OS Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
Memory 16/32/64 GB User Memory
microSD slot (up to 64GB)
2 GB of RAM
data GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE (certain areas)
WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC
microUSB (MHL support)
camera 8 MP (rear), 1.9 MP (front)
autofocus, LED Flash
Full HD 1080p Video Playback & Recording
Best-photo, Best Face, Low light shot
battery Li-ion 3100 mAh
sensors Accelerometer, Gravity, Gyroscope, Light, Linear Acceleration, Magnetic Field, Orientation, Pressure, Proximity, Rotation Vector
S-Pen Wacom Technology
1024 points of pressure sensitivity
Function “Hover” and “Air-View”

Galaxy Note II was launched in two colors, ie white and titanium gray marble. With a 5.5 inch screen, the Galaxy Note II appear quite large (8cm wide, 15cm long). But some myths say that the Note II is quite difficult to get into pocket pouch are less appropriate.

When compared with a smartphone that has a screen size below 4 inches, Note II does look very big. But when compared to wallet or smartphones with screen sizes above 4 inches, Note II sufficient size fits in yout hand and in your pocket pouch. The fact are obtained from our opinion who have tried this gadget directly.

Galaxy Note II became the fastest Android device in its time (based Benchmark AnTuTu) due to a 1.6 GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos output and also 2 GB of RAM installed in this device.

Not only that, Samsung also paired 8 MP resolution camera, and with camera features are embedded in then the camera capabilities Samsung Galaxy Note II is already no doubt. Low-light shot, best faces is an example of favorite feature that can be found at Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Photo Results

Display and Interface (UI)

  • Samsung: TouchWiz UI (Menu Management)
  • Default application: My Files, Video Player, Camera (which has been tweaked), S Note, S Voice, Internet Browser, Chaton, Samsung Apps
  • Google Now
  • Multitasking
  • Motion

Samsung re-immerse the TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy Note II. While TouchWiz UI is not a favorite of each Android users, but there are some positive things such as conveniences phone settings and apps installed and also motion features such as: Smart Stay, Turn Over to Mute, Palm swipe to capture, Pan to Scroll , and so on.

Since there are many features available in Note II, so navigation inside phone is also quite complex. First thing to note that there are three main buttons at the bottom of screen ie Menu, Home and Back (ordering of this three keys reversed compare to pure Android standard). Each button has a different function when pressed long enough.

  • Long press Menu button: opening Google Now application
  • Long press Home button: open recent apps
  • Long press Back button: opens panel multi-tasking apps


Like other Android devices, the Galaxy Note II certainly also comes with Google Play Store which contains various Android applications that can be downloaded. However, the biggest difference Galaxy Note II with other Android devices of course the S-Pen support are increasingly improved than its predecessor.

As a result of Samsung vision to make Galaxy Note become device to pour out creations, Samsung not just pairing S-Pen on its phablet, but also provide a wide range applications that supporting functionality of this S-Pen ie S Note, Paper Artist, Quick Command, Crop & Share and Air View in several applications.

(S Note, credit doodle-middle)
Air View
Crop and Share Feature

In addition to S-Pen, Multi-tasking is also become advantage Note II, so this device can run two applications simultaneously. Multi-tasking mode can be run through the multi-tasking bar that can be invoked by pressing and hold Back button.

From the bar, the application can be dragged into the main window, and then drag a second application will be created boundary line between two apps. Such lines can be shifted back and forth to adjust the required window application.

Multi-tasking, Up: Browser, Bottom: Gallery


– Speed, performance and excellent camera
– S-Pen and supporting applications
– Multi-tasking
– Long life battery
– Quite big as a smartphone
– Prices were quite high

As phablet (phone tablet), Galaxy Note II has a high speed and features that are very diverse. Not only that, Samsung has made a new area in smartphones usage by making this devices as place to pouring creation, as well as become daily process control helper.

Devices with phablet class not only suitable for making mobile work with its multi-tasking, and is also suitable for designers who can maximize their creativity via S-Pen.

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