Full Performance Review: iPhone 5, Drastic Change, Sadistic Performance

The new Apple products always be waiting. Even many loyal users to figure out, there will be any changes made by Apple for new iPhone. What changes were made by Apple on the new iPhone?


Dimensions: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.66 mm, 112 grams; 8 pin connector.

iPhone 5 has a lighter weight, taller and thinner than the previous generation. Exactly 20 percent lighter ie 112 grams, 8.2 mm and 1.7 higher thinner than its predecessor 4S. With more height and length body then allowing its screen using 4-inch wide, from the previous one which only 3.5 inches. This makes screen ratio were different, which makes it more comfortable either when gripped or see the screen.

Placement on front composition still not changed, because there only puts screens and menu button, the part that changes is the placement of front camera in above earpiece, where the previously placed in right beside. Besides other buttons as well as primary camera location was still placed exactly like iPhone 4S.

In terms of its form factor, due to the higher phone body, then it would complicate areas that are difficult to reach by your thumb, for example when trying to press power button while regular usage. Luckily Apple managed to overcome them by decreasing phone areas.

Changes in location also made by Apple in 3.5 audio ports which previously on top, now placed at the bottom, alongside with grid holes speakers. Not only that, Apple also make changes to Data connector / power to new type called Lightning. This change are quite surprising, considering that for over 5 years using Apple 30 pin connector. Not only that, a third party who has produced additional accessories that use regular connection, should have to produce accessories for 8 pin connector, or you have to set up converter from 30 pin connector to 8 pin.


Display: Retina display, 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixels, 326 ppi

Bring 4 inch screen, drastic changes has brought by the iPhone 5, because it carries a new screen ratio. In fact iPhone has been 6 years using a non-standard screen ratio, which is 3:2. And now Apple has finally brought the screen with ratio (near) 16:9, like other multimedia phones.

Ratio changes makes resolution retina display systems using a widescreen reach 1136 x 640 pixels so that the screen iPhone 5 could be relied upon for displaying images, even to displaying like original color.


CPU: 1 GHz dual-core A6; GPU: PowerVR SGX 543MP3 (triple-core graphics); Memory: 1 GB

While other vendors are already using quadcore processor, iPhone is still using a dualcore processor. Bringing speed 1 GHz A6 Chipset, A6 can still compete with other vendors’ class quadcore. Compared to its predecessor that still use A5, the new processor speed is not significant different, but when we tried, iPhone 5 performance is likely to be more rapid.

We also do benchmark using application GeekBench 2. You can see results below:

OS & Software

iOS 6, Passbook, Map, SIRI

Using iOS 6, iPhone5 display has not changed drastically, something different are matrix menu displaying one more menu added. This maybe because the screen is much higher than before. Keep using horizontally scrolling but the screen will be able to accommodate the menu icons and many more applications.

In iOS 6, Google has pulled all its own. Includes old digital maps and features Youtube. As a replacement Apple has set up a new map in collaboration with Tom Tom.

Not much different from previous maps based on Google Maps, in this new map are also features turn by turn navigation and 3D display. and this is an improvement compared to the previous map. Unfortunately, these functions are not available to users in some countries.

iPhone 5 also offers a payment application called Passbook. Like Newsstand and iBooks, Passbook is an separate ecosystem inside iOS, as a place online ticket management and digital payment modes. Merchant aka specialty stores or even a specific airline can offer a payment system that involves Passbook. Unfortunately, this feature could not even be used to its full potential in some countries. Anyway without feature NFC (near field communication), Passbok be less than maximal.

And features that are also important is SIRI feature. In the latest SIRI, Apple has more complete database due for the last year stored through SIRI server, Apple added a new vocabulary and better ability to SIRI that can reducing error that occurred. For example, you can simply ask results of sporting events simply by mentioned team and matches time you want.

SIRI feature was also developed to identify pronunciation errors and correct them immediately with good response. With improper writing language, using SIRI, iPhone 5 is much more comfortable than before when testing iPhone 4S.


iSight 8 megapixel, f/2.4, panorma, HD video recorder (1080 p, 30 fps), Autofocus, + FaceTime HD camera 1.2 MP

Apple upgraded to 8 MP camera resolution which previously only 5 MP on 4S and also using feature called iSight, where this feature already embedded on iPhone 4 and 4S.

When we perform some shooting and compared directly with iPhone 4S camera results. We derive conclusions that there is no reduction in quality, even at several photos showing that camera iPhone 5 are better than 4S camera.

Moreover, if we include a Panorama mode for comparison. Maybe for other smart phones, this feature has become their standard, but in iOS ecosystem, this feature is fairly new. Previously, in order to do this we need additional applications from third parties.

Not only primary camera, Apple also upgraded to secondary camera to make FaceTime (video calls for iPhone users) located in front. If previously only using VGA resolution, on iPhone 5 has been using 1.2 MP resolution.

Camera results with Flash
Camera results without Flash


Batteries, Earpods, LTE, Twitter and Facebook Integration

Apple says that the battery life iPhone 5 is better than the previous iPhone. This is possible because iPhone 5 brings 1440 mAh LiPo battery, meaning have larger capacity, moreover using energy efficient A6 chipset. So even though with wider screen and has a new networking technologies, namely LTE. Batteries iPhone 5 believed to last longer.

iPhone 5 able to run on maximum LTE network technology which is the fourth-generation network. In some contries may not yet officially launched, so it seems this feature cannot be sensed in countries without supporting 4G. But when this realized, then performing Facetime can be done with this network as Apple promised.

Apple also change type of earset to new one called earpod. Earpod have unique design and following the shape of your ear bones, with speaker cone made sticking up into ear cavity, giving impressions which more lively sound. Its quality somewhat on top compared with previous earset due to bass sound is more pronounced with balanced detailed sound.

On the social networking features Facebook and Twitter, you can directly update their status from notification screen, or upload photos and videos from gallery (photos).


In this latest-generation, Apple really change iPhone quite dramatically, ranging from design, performance, up to replacement accessories. By design iPhone is more convenient, faster performance due to the latest processors, and the most significant is the use of 4-pin connector and a slot for nano sim-card. Until the change of ear-bud earphones more comfortable on ears. Although the price is quite expensive, it seems users will be satisfied with this changes and improvements.

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