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G-Shock GBD-100 Series Full Performance Review, Nice Features and Price

Unboxing The G Shock Watch With Nice Design and Many Features

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  • The G-Shock G Squad GBD 100, it's finally here, in fact I have got all the three colors for us to check out today, let's get started.

Welcome back for another G-Shock review on CnwinTech, the long-awaited G-Shock GBD-100 is finally here. Initially, this watch was planned for an April 2020 release, and it was then later pushed back to May 2020, and it was finally released on the 22nd of May, and that includes the GBD H-1000 as well.

But today, we’re going to be focusing on the G-Shock GBD-100, remember to Subscribe to our blog because you don’t want to miss out on that really really cool another g-shock watch review like G Shock GBD H-1000 as well.

Unboxing the G-Shock GBD-100 series

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 04

There are three main colors as part of this lineup G-Shock GBD-100 series, all the three G-Shock GBD-100 at CnwinTech Labs are JDM versions (Japan Domestic Market). Hence the black box and the white pillows that you see on the pictures which are the usual packaging for JDM’s. Packaging for other regions will be slightly different, so let’s see how that looks like when it’s released in the other regions as well.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 05

So the first one is the G-Shock GBD-100 – 1A7JF which has got the white stripes and also the blue tone displays the outer ring, it’s blue in color has got white straps.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 06

Next, we have the G-Shock GBD-100 – 1JF which is the Black version with red accent colors right even at the side angle you can see it’s red color.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 07

And then finally we have the G-Shock GBD-100 – 2JF which has got the navy blue and also red accent colors. So based on my first impression by just unboxing and having a look at it, the blue one is my favorite one among all. The black would come close in second place. So now let’s have a closer look at the design components of this watch.

The Straps

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 08
The Strap Holes Design

Overall the look in the design language of this watch is somewhat similar to the top-of-the-range GPR B1000 series. The arrangement which looks pretty aggressive in its nature, the straps are made out of a soft urethane band and should be comfortable to be worn on a daily basis. It’s quite a different feel compared to the normal straps that we get and that we are used to.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 09

In another G-Shock watches, in fact, you can just even look at how elastic it is, it’s very very soft guys. there are a large number of holes on the strap, they have two functions, the first one you can get a finer adjustment. Second is it allows for much better ventilation for this when you’re wearing this watch since this watch is mainly focused on fitness and health-related, so that is one of the reasons why that’s got so many different holes on the band itself.

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The Buttons & The Buckle

Alright, now let’s look at the buttons on this watch. The buttons on this watch are newly designed, it has got some really nice pattern over here and that grip to it when you press the button which is it was pretty good and considering that it’s also we are going to be sweating and it’s gonna become pretty slippery while you are working out.

This is a welcome change, I really like how they have designed the new buttons on this particular watch. The keeper itself on this watch has got a self-locking mechanism. I don’t know if you guys can see through the pictures and it’s pretty good, so what happens is as you put on the watch and it passed through one of the holes, it just pretty much lock-in, and then, when you try to remove it, it just gonna stay wherever it is never gonna slip out of the way and the straps will never get undone unless you actually want it.

So to remove it all you ever do is just press this slightly and then it comes off very very easily, so that is another thing which is good for this particular watch. As for the Buckle itself, says here made in Thailand and it appears to be made out of plastic.

The Back Part

All right, now let’s have a look at the back of the watch itself over here. At the back, there is a curve insert at the top and the bottom of this particular watch which gives you one of very comfortable wear in a second. The watch will not move as much as it should usually be, because it provides a better grip on your hands.

Apart from the case, the back itself is pretty standard as you get from a G-Shock watch. To be noted this watch does not have a heart rate sensor, unlike the GBD H1000 which I showed you guys earlier on another post. The watch is made in Thailand and it has module 3481 and the other logos that you can see on the pictures are for Bluetooth, still has a shock-resistant structure, and also water-resistant up to 200 meters.

The Front Part

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 19

All right now let’s look at the front of this watch again, you will start to see that immediately the display looks different although it’s a negative display, it looks really really gorgeous. That’s because it’s using something called MIP LCD which is Memory in Pixel LCD display.

These displays are extremely power efficient, and also provide great contrast and viewing angles as well. In fact, this is the similar kind of display that is on the top of the range GPR B1000 has, the display itself is not completely around. You can see in the picture, the design looks like a flat tire on the top and the bottom of the watch.

Highlighted Features

The watch itself is packed with lots of features. This article is not going to be a full in-depth review kind of post, I’m just going to go through the feature list with and so we will probably do an in-depth review of this watch as I put these watches through its paces in the coming weeks, then I’ll probably be able to do an in-depth review.

Alright, so it has got a menu like shown on the pictures, you can see it’s actually similar to the GPR B1000 as well. It has got the phone finder feature so if you just click it you can actually find your phone the range is pretty good as well.

Apart from that, it has a vibration notification feature as well which syncs all the notifications from your watch today, so once you press enter you can actually see all the notification and you can also read the notification in your watch up to 100 characters, keeping at least a maximum of 10 notifications in the watch itself, first in first out. So as new notifications come in, the older ones automatically get moved out of the list.

Right, it also has got the training functions which is inclusive of distance measurement and also calorie measurements, so which you can pretty much sync up your watch with your phone, and then it’s gonna calculate everything for you.

Apart from that, you can also customize the display of this watch, so pretty built it has got a few displays, so it has got the step counter feature which as you can see what’s your target and also what is this counter that you have over the menu, this is the distance, and dual time, and back to the normal ones, so you can customize through the app what kind of data that you want to show on the screen while you’re doing your training.

LED Backlight

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 31

As for the backlight itself, it has got a high intensity LED light which is very bright and very readable in very dark situations. I know it’s pretty good and it also has an auto-light feature so pretty much when you do that it’s gonna turn on the lights for you. Very good. It’ll automatically disable the auto light approximately after 6 hours so you might need to re-enable them if you’re going to use them more often.

Battery Performance

With all these features according to Casio, the CR2032 battery that comes inside this watch can last up to two years, that’s right, they are estimating two years with all the features that you have just gone through. This watch was launched on the 22nd of May with the retail price of 22000 Yen plus tax in Japan. Prices may vary according to the regions that they’re going to be selling.

The Design Body

In terms of size, the length has 58.2 mm, the width is 49.3 MM and the thickness is 17 mm. The watch is very very light at 69 grams only. So here are some comparisons with the other G-Shock watches for you to get a feel of how big this watch is.

How they look side by side and you can see in the pictures in terms of size G-Shock GBD-100 is a slightly bigger but overall similar size to the DW-6900 model.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 35

Okay let’s move on to another model which is very popular which is the DW-5600 model, so this is how it looks like:

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 36

And if you prefer somewhat of a larger watch, so now this is the GX56 also known as The King, and this all looks very small compared to the GX56.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 37

And finally the biggest watch in the G-Shock lineup also similarly designed the GPR-B 1000, but I can see the similarities in terms of design language size-wise quite a bit smaller.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 38


All right, so what do you guys think about this watch, will you be getting it? I think myself for all the features that this watch has and good price tag it’s definitely worth buying, and I’m going to be definitely keeping one of these watches.

If you have any doubts or questions about this watch, its features or the companion app that comes with it, feel free to ask me the comments below, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you if it helps you to make a decision whether to get this watch or not.

g shock gbd 100 series full performance review nice features and price 43

All right so that is pretty much it for today’s review, I will be working on the GBD H 1000 unboxing and first impression and next do keep a lookout for that post, the red color looks amazing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and as always thank you so much for reading this article, please also check our store if you are interested in buying this watch with great deals or you can just click below the Shop Now button to buy it at the vendor. I will catch you guys again in another G-Shock Watch review really really soon.

Score Assessment

Design - 90%
Display - 85%
Performance - 80%
Features & Utilities - 90%
Connectivities - 80%
Battery - 80%
Price - 85%



I think myself for all the features that this watch has and good price tag it's definitely worth buying, and I'm going to be definitely keeping one of these watches.Shop Now

User Rating: 3.82 ( 11 votes)

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