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An Overview of Obtaining a Liquor License, 5 Important Things You Should Know

How to get a liquor license, the state-by-state guide.

This article will cover the basics of obtaining a liquor license, including the difference between a Class B and Class C license, Local regulations, and the cost. Even though the ABC board determines what kind of license you need, you should be aware that the ABC board may only issue a limited number of liquor licenses in your State. Therefore, it may be challenging to get a liquor license if you are a new business owner. Still, you can apply for a liquor license if you are already operating a business. You can also learn more about the liquor license Dallas TX if you need to get or renew your liquor license in Dallas, Texas.

Class B and C licenses

A license to sell alcoholic beverages is required to run a club or restaurant. A class A license gives an establishment the right to sell alcoholic beverages in any amount to consumers on the premises. A class B license allows the establishment to sell alcoholic beverages to consumers in small amounts. A licensee can only sell alcoholic beverages in a closed container if the consumer consumes them on the premises. A Class C license allows the establishment to sell alcoholic beverages in sealed bottles, but it is not allowed to serve them.

In addition to the license type, there are other requirements you must meet. For example, an employee must be at least 21 years old to sell alcohol. Applicants must present a government-issued photo ID and a copy of a business license to prove that they are not a minor. You must renew the license every year. A retail clerk license expires two years after the applicant leaves their current job. Criminal background checks are conducted on all applicants. Licensees must also attend a Responsible Vendor training course.

Special occasion licenses

Special occasion liquor licenses allow bona fide nonprofit organizations to sell alcohol at their events. These events typically include fundraising dinners, galas, auctions, and wine tastings. Nonprofit organizations cannot allow third-party operators to run these events and take a portion of the profits. Using a third-party operator to run an event can prevent nonprofits from obtaining future special occasion licenses. Online silent auctions are also permitted, but only if the organization has a special license.

When acquiring a Special Occasion Liquor Licence, you should consider several factors. First, you need to know that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission will not endorse an application until it meets its criteria. Therefore, it is best to choose a temporary Special Occasion Licence instead of an outright refusal. The Appendix (Map) is not available electronically but can be viewed in the City Clerk’s Office.

Local level regulation

While liquor licenses in most states are issued locally, licenses in Minnesota and Maryland are regulated by the State’s ABC. The costs of liquor licenses in these states vary but can reach two thousand dollars. In Massachusetts, the State’s ABC commission issues liquor licenses. Applications for such permits require a $200 processing fee and a public hearing. The Department of Liquor and Regulatory Affairs regulates liquor licenses in Michigan.

While each State has the authority to regulate alcohol within its borders, local jurisdictions may have additional requirements. Although state laws vary greatly, they are usually more stringent than federal law. However, you must follow all state requirements when operating an alcohol business since federal laws may preempt local regulations. Contact local authorities for more information. For more information, see State and Local Level Regulation of Liquor Licenses.

Cost of Obtaining a Liquor License

The liquor license cost will vary from State to State, but generally, costs range from $300 to $450,000. This price range reflects the costs of applying for a license and maintaining it. You must also be aware that the cost of a liquor license renewal may be high, as the renewal process can take anywhere from a few hours to several months. To get an idea of the costs involved, contact similar establishments in your area and get a price quote.

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Contact the local ABC office to obtain the proper forms to apply for a liquor license in the State of Wisconsin. The costs of a liquor license vary by State, and you may have to pay State, county, and municipal fees as well. However, the prices can reach $10,000, depending on the municipality. The process is time-consuming, so be sure to plan and work on other aspects of your business plan during this time.


If your liquor license has expired, there are several steps you can take to renew it before it expires. First, you must apply for a permit. You can find out more about this process here. Then, if you already have a license, you can renew it online. However, you must mail in an application if your license has expired. After the grace period has passed, illegal sales may occur, so make sure you take all necessary steps to avoid this situation.

The renewal process is administrative. The State mails renewal forms 90 days before the license expires. You must complete the form and return it to the City Clerk, who will approve or deny the renewal. If the renewal form does not work, you can use a replacement form or DR8400 (PDF). A new license requires a public hearing before the Local Licensing Authority, which meets monthly.

an overview of obtaining a liquor license
Obtaining a Liquor License

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