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FL Studio Software Performance Review

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You have a talent as a musician, but didn’t have enough capital? Or feel able to creating songs, but haven’t skilled to play an instrument? If so, FL Studio application can be one way to overcome this limitation. FL Studio earlier known as Fruity Loops. Although these applications are paid, at least the price offered is cheaper than having to buy an instrument or pay studio recordings rental costs.

FL Studio is useful for those who want to create, edit, perform mixing, and recording a song. This application is an attractive solution for music artists to create songs without needing comes to the recording studio.

FL Studio can indeed be regarded as a virtual recording studio. The reason is, you will get all of full features like a real recording studio. All of process can be done using a computer. On the Help menu, available detailed explanation of each function key which making it easier for novice users.

FL Studio displays arranged by track mixer which able to produce sound out of real instruments. In addition, the presence of some effects, you can get sound output can not be generated by a musical instrument. Combined with another sound effects which setting up through the mixer, you will be able to create a song or music.

If the sound effects produced feels less, you can add a plugin package that consists of hundreds of unique sound effects. Unfortunately, to get this plugin, you have to buy it separately. Sound output can be saved to MP3 format, MID, ZIP, OGG, FLP, and WAV, so you can instantly save it to your computer or directly to your gadget.

To meet different needs, FL Studio is offered in four versions. Starting from the most simple to the most complete, the Express, Fruity, Producer, and Signature. FL also offers a complete package of plugins that are offered in the sales package called FL Extension.

FL Studio is an application that provides all digital instrument that can produce various types of sound. With bright creativity, amateur musicians can create music like the professionals.

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Type Paid (U.S. $ 49 – U.S. $ 299)
Installation Size 232 MB
Operating System Windows, Mac OS, iOS (mobile version)


Plus: Feature complete in creating and editing songs; support of plugin effects to produce a unique sound; quality sound output good; available in mobile version.

Minus: set plugin sold separately; new mobile version for iOS.

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