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Proper Firearm Maintenance Scheduling and Storage

Proper Firearm Maintenance Scheduling and Storage 1

Every responsible gun owner understands the importance of properly maintaining firearms. Poorly cleaned or under-lubricated firearms represent a much greater risk of malfunction than “healthy” weapons, and can endanger the shooter, bystanders, and the weapons themselves.

All guns should be cleaned regularly. Recreational and hunting weapons should always be cleaned and lubricated before and after going into storage, as well as after heavy use. Defensive handguns require an even stricter cleaning regimen, and should be cleaned and lubricated after each session on the shooting range as well as before and after going into storage. Defensive handguns should also be regularly examined for dirt and grit that may become lodged within the gun’s mechanisms. Proper storage is itself an important element of firearm maintenance; aside from the obvious needs to keep weapons out of the hands of unsupervised children and thieves, correct storage helps to keep guns dry and clean, and prevents accidental firings and other potential causes of weapon damage.

Many firearm users use a firearm cleaning and lubrication system like those available at to ensure that their guns stay in top condition—click here for more information on firearm cleaning and lubrication systems. These systems are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, making them viable options both for private gun owner and for firing ranges, security stations, and police or military organizations.

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