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Secure Access Control Solutions

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Modern digital technology has significantly improved security in commercial settings. Some companies require workers to carry special cards and other encoded items that need to be scanned in order to gain entry to different doors. Access control systems rely on traditional magnetic and laser technology for proper operation. Access cards are available for use in facilities that have tight security. Instead of reaching for keys or punching in codes on digital keypads, it is much more convenient to simply swipe a card. Magnetic encoding is used to create codes that are scanned with access control systems.

Some hardware is capable or programming codes onto cards that have magnetic stripes. It is possible to order blank access cards in bulk and then integrate custom coding from an access control system that is used by a business.

Proximity cards are also very useful for navigating through secure facilities that have plenty of doors that need to be unlocked manually. Instead of swiping cards, it may be possible to simply stand near a door that has a sensor which is programmed to transmit wireless signals. The card can be inside a person’s pocket and the sensor on the door lock can still detect the presence of any encoded material. It is also convenient to wear proximity key fobs that are similar to those used to operate vehicles. Wireless signals of a specific frequency are constantly transmitted between the key fob and the receiver that’s part of an access control hardware system on doors.

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