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Useful Security Tips from The Top IT Experts in World

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Learning from mistakes makes you getting smarter. Moreover, if existing errors coming from the professionals expert.

IT professionals can get caught on tracks of cybercriminals. However, from there they can share useful lessons for all computer users. CnwinTech asks some leading IT experts about their experiences while connecting to the Internet. Their experience could be valuable lessons for Internet users.

CnwinTech does not expect to get so many honest answers and some very open. Eugene Kaspersky tells how he succeeded in thwart the kidnapping of his son. The figure of open source, Richard Stallman also expressed his personal opinion about some errors in the Windows operating system.

Actually, anyone can implement its own principles in securing data. However, the experience of the experts may also be a personal safety guide.

Eugene Kaspersky: Kidnapping

cnwintech eugene kaspersky

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April 2011 ago while a married couple retired Russian kidnap his son, 20-year-old Ivan. To free his son, Eugene Kaspersky with police setting up a hoax. Utilizing the local media, Eugene Kaspersky maneuver distracted the kidnappers by informed that he had paid a ransom of three million Euros. The hoax was successful and further police take action to liberate Ivan without injury.

However, these events bring their own lessons to Eugene Kaspersky. The investigation revealed that the perpetrators collecting personal information from social networks and observing the daily activities of potential victims. With this information, they planned a criminal.

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“No one knows exactly the reason they chose Ivan as a victim,” said Eugene Kaspersky in a special interview with CnwinTech. “However, I suspect because Ivan publishes too much personal information on Vkontakte (Russian Facebook),” he added. With that information, kidnappers can easily find out detailed activities of Ivan, watching, and calculate the level of personal security.

With the case, Eugene Kaspersky today still feels guilty since he did not explain the dangers of using social networking and does not give advice to restrict the publication of personal data. “Do not make the same mistake. Act immediately to protect your children”, he warned. 

Thorsten Holz: Hackers who hacked

cnwintech thorsthen holz

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Cyber criminals can also be trapped. When Thorsten Holz sees a better control server of a network bot for research purposes, he did not believe he was seeing. The Bot network administrator does not change the default password server. Thus, the researchers were able to copy and analyze the huge numbers of digital loot.

“With the verification of two factors, the network must be more secure (from us)”, says Thorsten Holz. In addition to the password, the user must enter a TAN which will be received on mobile phones via SMS or TAN-apps. Login is just using your username and password hacker easier. With a trojan keylogger, hackers can read any password easily. Currently, Google and Facebook have provided a two-factor login.

Mikko Hypponen: Account hijacked

cnwintech mikko hypponen

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Finnish men began a career as a creator of a virus. When a teenager, Mikko Hypponen makes the Omega virus which he said is not dangerous. However, he quickly turned toward becoming a major virus hunter at F-Secure and consultants of international security institutions.

Since the ’90s, cybercrime is a billion-dollar business, and virus makers like to target the community. From there, Mikko Hypponen draw lessons, a program whose name is not familiar (not known) rarely get into the target criminals. “Use another program,” Mikko Hypponen advice. There are many alternatives, like Linux replacement for Windows 7, Foxit Reader replacement Acrobat Reader, or IE replacement Opera.

Bruce Schneier: Brain-Backup

cnwintech bruce schneier

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Bruce Schneier store data in two brains. A laptop containing e-mails, contacts, and agenda, it’s easy to hijack. “Backup in my brain,” joked Bruce Schneier. However, this is true because if your life a lot going on the computer, data leakage will be more easily happen. With distributed backups across multiple storage media, data security will be more preserved. “Always make backups!” Bruce Schneier said.

Konstantin von Notz: Encrypting e-mail

cnwintech konstantin van notz

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Konstantin von Notz, one of the Green party politicians in the state of Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, fighting for security e-mail as a connection between the community and board members via e-mail that encrypted and providing a free application to open it. E-mail encryption is always discussed within the community. Communication without encryption is not compatible with data protection. E-mail without encryption can be read by anyone in the network.

Jacqueline Beauchere: Choose your friends

cnwintech jacqueline beauchere

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Children are a favorite target of ID thieves. Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft security experts found several cases of ID theft on behalf of children who can make many losses. With a social insurance number, criminals get credit for shopping. Losses are borne by parents of course.

Therefore, Jacqueline advises young parents to make online security a family theme. You have to explain certain restrictions, including checking a list of Facebook friends on a regular basis. This must be done because the case has been common, the best friend today could be the main enemy in the next day.

Digital clean-up on a regular basis can prevent cyber-mobbing. “The end of the school year or when changing schools is a good time to do it,” said Jacqueline. “Check your list of friends on social networks with your child and remove any of some can be dangerous,” she said.

Brian Krebs: Unfriendly Resources

cnwintech brian krebs

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Brian Krebs has learned from bad experiences. “Internet is good, but with good control as well”, said Brian. Several years ago a hacker wrote to him: “Hi Brian, look at this link”. He not only saw but clicking on it. After that, the operating system is destroyed. For hours he tried to make the computer work again.

Since then, these security experts separate the work environment from external communication. “You never know who sent people through the Internet, even by friends though. They can send malware”. Now, Brian Krebs much more cautious. “I only install programs that I know and I really want,” added Brian.

Joanna Rutkowska: Secure System

cnwintech joanna rutkowska

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Overcoming the problem at its root is the principle of Joanna Rutkowska. For her, computer security should start with the hardware. “During this operating system uses too few hardware technologies that can further improve computer security,” she said.

This Polish security researcher has argued like that because with their team Invisible Things Lab, she has been working on open-source operating system QubesOS extremely secure. Therefore, Joanna Rutkowska does not offer general security solutions are sold, but with the right answer to the question. For example, how to surfing every day in cyberspace safely?

Thus, you should try to own and use a variety of tools for different tasks. “I use the iPad for surfing and computers backed up to work,” says Joanna. However, it is no longer required when using QubesOS. “Maybe a few more years I can tell you, for those who want a secure computer, you only need to use QubesOS” added Joanna little promotion.

Richard Stallman: Windows spy

cnwintech richard stallman

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He is a tireless fighter for freeware applications. Not only that, he did not consider himself to security experts, but he relentlessly warns people about the dangers of computers. “For me, the best example is Windows because it has monitoring functions, digital cuffs for user files, and security holes,” said Stallman warned. Therefore, he recommends using freeware software which no longer free to spy on users.

Stephen Pao: Dealing with errant staff

cnwintech stephen pao

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Each time Stephen Pao hiring a new employee, co-founder of Barracuda Networks WLAN is always keep an eye in the company. If these new employees brave to log on Facebook without HTTPS protection, hacker software Firesheep Pao’s will turn on the alarm.

Furthermore, this network expert can log into a Facebook profile corresponding to view and modify various data at will. Pao just leave funny notes and warns employee with a special note that said “You already know, you work in an IT security company? Use HTTPS!”

Without HTTPS, usually, Data sent without any encryption between website and PC. In an open WLAN, it is an invitation for hackers. On Facebook, its setting option at “Account Settings | Securit | Secure Browsing“. If you have not already, please do. The same function is also offered by many other web services.

Candid Wuest: innocent Flash disk

cnwintech candid wuest

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Due to already believed to their friends, without thinking Candid Wuest meets the friend request. However, Candid surprised by things he found in his friend’s flash disk? A vicious USB autorun worm that exists in the flash disk. Ultimately, the worm can be active when the flash disk is inserted in a USB slot. Furthermore, the Worm can directly infect the test system’s, Candid Wuest.

“I have to reinstall all the computers,” he said. An error due to lack of caution which is not easy to avoid this Symantec expert. Because not all programs recognize the security of any virus, an online scan actually can help it. Virustotal.com web service instance can check files with the assistance of more than 40 different virus scanner applications.

Sebastian Schreiber: outdated code

cnwintech sebastian schreiber

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As request of the company, Sebastian Schreiber had infiltrated into the network as testers. However, he even panics when installing an application, but he forgets the code. By doing a simple trick, still, he did not succeed. Currently, simple tips and tricks are actually outdated. To protect your computer, you must take care of the difficulty, making it vulnerable to dangers, and should be careful on the Internet. Tips from Sebastian, if an expert promises a simple solution, always be skeptical because the experts themselves are not free from error.

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