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Foxconn Quantumian1, an Extreme Class Motherboard from Foxconn

Who does not know the brand of this one? Foxconn is one of the computer component manufacturers who have been fairly well known. CnwinTech this time coming one of its newest the Foxconn Quantumian1. This motherboard comes with a socket that supports Intel X79 the best processors from Intel the Sandy Bridge-E. Let’s take a closer look at apparition of this Extreme motherboard.

On the PWM Heatsink, Foxconn Quantumian1 comes with a silver-based heatsink aluminum dissipates heat pretty well on the PWM.

There is a heatsink on the chipset with a very eyecatching design. Glance looks like a spider’s web is wrapped in black heatsink with Foxconn logo in the middle.

Not complete if an extreme class motherboard is not build with debug LED that serves to identify the process when the system works.

In addition, OC button function for easy overclocking, and buttons up and down beside it can be used to perform overclocking on-the-fly easily.

Three Winbound chip implanted to prevent damage during a crash BIOS.

The appearance of button on off in Foxconn Quantumian1

In addition to the debug LED, speaker also implanted to help the identification process and errors when the system starts running.

With four PCIe slots, Foxconn Technology Quantumian1 supports AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI Technology with the configuration of Tri-Way SLI / CrossFireX.

The sales Package are relatively abundant within motherboard.

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