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How to Detecting Your Computer Problems

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Detecting computer problems is not really much different from if you detect deficiencies in seasoning food (in the context of detecting general problems). It’s important for you to know Things are actually from the computer you use or you will become get experienced with this problem many times in the future.

If a dish of food seems bland, you should do by adding some salt, or if it’s already sour and smell, it means the food is already stale and must be discarded. Likewise with your computer, if you feel slow, there are various possible reasons. The following simple tips to detect the most likely cause your computer problems.

Laptop / Computer Slow

There are so many factors that causing laptop running too slow (loading) include:

1. Hard Drive capacity

See the hard disk capacity you used, If the hard drive capacity already used up 90% then the laptop would have drastically lost in performance. Backup your data that rarely used (archive) into other media like DVD or external device for example, or alternatively by adding laptop hard drive capacity, try to make remaining space hard disk more than 20%.
Perform defragmentation regularly, so your hard drive running optimally.

2. Virus

The virus is also one of the main causes slow down your computer, why the virus can slow down a computer? Viruses always interrupt the algorithm of an application that has been infected by the virus, in addition, a virus also makes interferes with the services which run on your OS. Scan and clean your hard drive from viruses, if your system is infected by a virus then this way will surely greatly increase the performance of your computer.

3. Too Many Applications installed

Any programs / installed applications adding new loads on your computer, install an only application that you need, and would you use and list all applications that you don’t need or rarely used. It’s good if you remove/uninstall programs that you no longer use or maybe you can turn off the service program (the last way takes foresight to do).


Problems with Input/Output Devices:

Sometimes our activity with a computer, were not separated by other activities; for example eating. When we eat while doing activities with computers maybe unconsciously you drop flake food and dirt will be attached on your keyboard and mouse, and if you are often doing then it will be entered into. Regularly cleaned monthly with a brush for keyboard and wipe with a tissue moistened with alcohol to clean the mouse.

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Computers / Laptop Heat

Generally, if a computer or laptop overheats due to very long usage, the device working too hard, or might be due to the cooling system are not work properly, the indication about the cooling system is not working properly is usually the fan sounds louder.

That’s the common problems that you should know as a user’s computer (brain-ware), laptop or other gadgets that using a computerized system (of course). Which, allowing for anticipation or tackle on your own before you ask for professional help to overcome the problems that you think are more complicated. That’s all I know, for addition you can read my previous post 10 reasons why PC’s crash you must Know.

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