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Four Basic Long-Distance Relationship Steps

Run Your Business by Developing this Easy Steps.

One of the best things about living in a digital world is that it’s possible to build and maintain connections across hundreds of miles. You can have friends or business partners in other countries. You can run a business with customers on different continents.

Expectations, Communication, and Goals

Even across the state or country borders, you can offer support to friends, coworkers, and clients. In order to make this happen, however, there are a few habits to develop:

1. Establish Expectations

Maintaining long-distance relationships can be tricky; this is especially true when you don’t have the luxury of daily interactions. Clearly outlining what each party needs for successful interactions are a great first step in strengthening the relationship.

2. Schedule Time for Interactions

There are plenty of obstacles in the way of spending time with each other: distance, travel costs, and full calendars, for instance. However, your friendship or partnership requires some face-to-face time. Fit a couple of days together into your yearly calendar as often as is reasonable under your circumstances. Fill in the rest of the gaps with plenty of video calls and regularly scheduled international phone calls.

3. Be Transparent and Informative

Social media posts aren’t enough for developing a close connection. When working to maintain collaborative friends, you need to openly share things about yourself and your business. Fill your partner in on struggles and upcoming projects.

4. Plan for the Future

Talking about what the future may have in store is a good way to reassure your partner on the other end of the line that you expect to continue to grow together. Talking about something you plan to do together or about a milestone that’s coming up can help you both strengthen your commitment to a lasting relationship.

What habits and tactics have you found that helped you keep long-distance relationships strong? Have you found that beginning with high expectations and working for a common goal have helped you achieve relevant relationship goals?

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