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Why Is 70E Training Important?

The single biggest reason that 70E training is important is the fact that it proveably saves lives. Many had no understanding of arc flash hazards until taking the class. Beyond getting the basics of what the hazards are, 70E training also provides each employee with the solution to stay safer around electric power.

Reducing Risk with Electrical Safety Knowledge

Industries that are dependent on the use of high-voltage electricity for day-to-day operations are required to provide employees with at least rudimentary knowledge of electrical hazards and safety. Lack of basic knowledge is what tends to get many people in trouble when it comes to the dangers of electricity. Being able to recognize a hazardous situation and how to avoid it can save lives. Co-workers are encouraged to look out for one another in keeping the work environment a safe place for all.

Arc Flash Hazards Awareness and Solutions

The suddenness of an arc flash incident is what makes it rather scary and unpredictable. A large amount of electricity can arc out and hit someone, leaving them unconscious, terribly burnt, or even dead. It leads to long-term hospitalization for many workers every year and cost companies a lot of money in downtime and damages.

Promoting Teamwork

70E training is conducted with the entire staff of your company, when possible. You are given instructions on basic electrical safety, specifically arc flash and learn ways to recognize the danger. The class is used to help provide a team-oriented solution.

Engaging Instruction

Arc flash training can be an interesting topic for those that have never heard of it before. The instructors are able to provide real-life accounts of actual arc flash events and what could have prevented the problem. These classes are used to develop the skill to spot trouble and take necessary actions.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA requires that all eligible employers stay in compliance with arc safety and electrical hazards training. Staying compliant is an important part of being a responsible member of the community. It is the best way you can safeguard your employees from this deadly hazard.

Contact electrical safety specialists like the ones at Facility Results and find out more about offering OSHA compliant arc flash safety training soon!

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