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8 Reasons and Incredible Benefits to Use Cloud Data Center Service in Business Implementations

Why cloud computing is important for your business

8 Reasons and Benefits to Use Cloud Data Center Service in Business. Today many companies are already utilizing technologies to build, manage, develop and conduct oversight of business continuity. Data is one of the highly valuable corporate assets. For that many companies are starting to entrust the management and security of this data to third-party companies engaged in business data center services, one of them being the San Diego data center. It is intended that the company is able to work effectively and efficiently so that the target can be achieved with maximum results.

San Diego Data Center

San Diego data center service is one of the solutions provided by companies scalematrix who are experienced in IT infrastructure field management. Located in San Diego with the best facilities and support approach unlimited power density to offer colocation services, cloud, and managed services that can operate up to 10Gbps private ring between the two locations, providing their clients with private, low cost, low latency transport services. Scalematrix has a power density of 18+ kW per rack compared with the power density of other data center service providers 7.4kW per rack.

San Diego colocation service offers computer hardware with a high density on each 45U rack from 8kW up to 18kW and provides virtualizations and cloud/grid computing on server and networking hardware class. ScaleMatrix Green Giant Data Center is a revolutionary data center 2.0 technology used today. CnwinTech provides some benefits of using a data center and also answers questions about why the company needs to do it.

Reasons and Benefits to Use Cloud Data Center Service in Business

Focus on Core Business

Data Center Services provide many advantages for their customers so that customers can focus on their core business and minimize IT complexity

Increase the productivity of IT customers (Reduce IT Pain)

Customers will beneficiaries from less maintenance internally, where customers will no longer be troubled by problems that the server crashes, or from the technological upgrading hardware side, cabling, and other maintenance processes.


By using this service, customers can turn CAPEX company into OPEX. as well as shortening the set-up and start-up time.

High Scalability

Scalability is one important aspect of cloud computing. Cloud Computing provides resources on-demand, including servers, storage, and networking.

Reduce ownership costs

Customers only need to require sufficient investment resources. If necessary, resources can be added as needed. Utilization can be done optimally (high utilization) because the company pays according to the capacity of which resources are needed so that cost-efficiency can be achieved.

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In addition, the company also can reduce/eliminate costs of investment and operations for:

  1. Power such as electricity, generators, and UPS.
  2. Infrastructure such as networking, cooling, and the raised floor.
  3. Room (space)
  4. Hardware (servers, storage, network devices)
  5. Experts for the operational
  6. Maintenance
  7. Repair

Implementation is quick and easy

In cloud computing provision or additional resources such as storage, network bandwidth, and computing power can be done easily and quickly. This is because it can be done by yourself (self-service/self-provisioning).

Improve Mobility

Not depending on the specific equipment or specific location, applications and data in the cloud computing system can be accessed from multiple locations. Data and applications can be accessed using a variety of devices such as netbooks, smartphones, blackberry, iPad, or iPhones.

Green Computing

By leveraging Cloud Computing technology companies save enormous energy. Large energy or power that is typically used to run computers and cooling systems.

Conclusion – Reasons and Benefits to Use Cloud Data Center Service in Business

All the advantages you get and the reasons why cloud computing services are really important explained above would give you improvements and impact your business to increase the company’s productivity and beat the company’s competitors.

reasons and benefits to use cloud data center service in business implementations
Reasons and Benefits to Use Cloud Data Center Service in Business

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