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Folder Lock Performance Review, Lock the files/folders and portable devices

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Folder Lock can be used to lock a file/folder using AES 256-bit encryption. The method is capable of processing data protection in a short time, although the locked data are large. Folder Lock can not only be used on the data contained on your hard disk, but also on other storage media such as external hard disks, flash, and a compact disc (CD/DVD).

To run the Folder Lock, the first step you should do is enter the first Master Password in order to maintain privacy of access to these applications. Fill in the password between 6 and 100 characters. In order to avoid the threat of keyloggers, also provided a virtual keyboard while trying to enter a password.

The above method is useful to keep the other person would not be able to change the configuration and setup a password on folders or files that have been created. This protection also avoid the possibility of the abolition of Folder Lock by unauthorized persons. This also applies even if the person is trying to remove this application through the Add / Remove Programs in Windows.

Application interface is organized by category making it easier for the first time using it. Also there are 5 functions in accordance with the usefulness of each.

One of the interesting features offered are Locker can make a protected file or folder into a separate file (executable). This file is portable so it can be stored in the flash and CD/DVD. Later, the data can be run on other computers. With the data that have been made into a format executable, you just run those Locker file without need to install Folder Locker. Condition, the password must be entered correctly.

Have the ability to operate in Stealth mode, all your activities with the application will be obscured. Folder Lock is also providing online backup feature that can store data on their servers. As a result, you can open files from anywhere as long as connected to the internet.

This software offers a solution security by using encryption and password methods using technology 256-bit AES encryption. Featured Locker can make protected data can be saved to portable media, and can be run on another PC.

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type Paid (U.S.$ 39.95) 5-day trial period
installation size 8.01 MB
operating system Windows 2000/NT/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7


Plus: The process is quick and secure using 256-bit AES encryption; protected data can be stored in other media (portable); backup passwords online.

Minus: The trial version is too short.

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