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2 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel System, Works Powerful

How do you maintain a diesel fuel system

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel System. Every diesel fuel engine is different and requires different forms of upkeep. However, there are a few common problems that diesel systems are prone to. This article provides a few basic guidelines for troubleshooting your engine. If you own a diesel fuel system, make sure you consult the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before you do any maintenance work on the engine.

Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel System

Clean Out the Dirt

One of the most common problems with diesel fuel systems is dirt. Make sure you store and transport diesel fuel properly. Diesel is thicker than gasoline. Therefore, it is more likely to hold foreign substances in it. It is expected to have minuscule traces of dirt or other contaminants are in your fuel, but the amount should be minimal.

Check the valves if your engine emits black smoke, misses, runs irregularly or starts rasping. Valves that get clogged by dirt do not allow fuel to burn properly, which explains the black smoke. Also, clogged fuel injection valves might allow too much diesel fuel to enter the cylinders. If this occurs, your engine can shut off entirely, which is a hazardous scenario.

Keep Out Water

Water is the bane of diesel engines. Allowing even a small amount into the system can cause the machine to malfunction. Usually, fuel filters clog when they contact water to prevent water from getting into the chambers. Using a proper fuel water separator will prevent a lot of water from entering your system, but condensation also contributes a certain amount. To prevent too much water from building up, drain the water that settles to the bottom of your system regularly.

Taking steps to prevent dirt and water from entering your system helps maintain a healthy diesel fuel engine. Prevention goes a long way, but keeping every contaminant out of your fuel is impossible. This makes regular cleaning and draining a necessity for proper upkeep.

maintenance tips for your diesel system
CnwinTech: Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel System

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